Striking Red Hair Colors and Styles for 2014

Wearing red hair means that you have a lot of spunk and attitude. Not everyone can carry off red hair with confidence. But if you have it in you to carry off the look, then nothing is stopping you from getting your hair colored red. There are many hot hues that you can experiment with and a lot of stylish ways in which you can do your hair. We give you a lowdown on the trends in red hair colors and styles for 2014.

But before you get down to it, remember that red hair attracts a lot of attention. So be prepared to grab all the eye balls when you walk into a room. Also remember that the hair needs to be taken care of well if it is colored red – it needs the conditioning and the shine. Now, onto the red hair colors and styles.

1. Riley Keough’s Fiery Red Hair

Riley Keough's Fiery Red Hair

Elvis Presley’s grand daughter wears her hair in a fiery red color with lots of layers. Her voluminous hair looks great when it is swept to a side. The golden highlights go on to create an illusion of more volume too.

2. Crimson hair with highlights

Crimson hair with highlights

This hair color is a wonderful amalgamation of bright red highlights over a brownish red base. The highlighted bangs on the forehead make the look really dramatic. While this color can be sported by straight or curly haired women, the bangs would look good only on straight hair, to show off the play of colors from the highlights. Make sure that the fringe that frames your face is colored crimson for maximum effect. Stay clear from this look if you have pink undertones in your skin.

3. Rachel Mcadams’ russet locks

Rachel Mcadams' russet locks

Rachel McAdam’s  russet hair complements her fair skin color perfectly. Not just that, the medium length hair is styled in gorgeous soft waves, parted at the center that frame her oval face. Notice the shine in the hair and how it is reflecting the light- a sign that the hair is well nourished. Make sure to use a lot of color friendly conditioner if you want to go in for this hair color.

 4. Ruby Red Hair worn long

Ruby Red Hair worn long

Is it even remotely possible to ignore a hair color as ravishing as this one? If you have the attitude to rock this look, then go in for it and make heads turn. To style your long hair, you can go in for layers that start at the shoulder level and increase in length. Curl your hair in soft waves and let them tumble down your shoulders. If you have a medium or tan complexion, then go in for straighter hair with lots of shine. If you are pale, then you can consider getting waves done like the model above to tone down the color by adding texture to the hair.

5. Short Tangerine Red Hair

Short Tangerine Red Hair

If you are fair complexioned, then get this stunning tangerine red hair with golden highlights. The hair is cropped short at the back with a lot of volume on the crown. To style it, back comb your hair at the crown and use a styling gel to make the hair stand. It adds to your height and looks great on apple or heart shaped faces.

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