How to stop belching – 10 simple but effective remedies

Belching which is also known as burping is nothing but the expulsion of air from the oesophagus. It occurs when the stomach expands too much because of swallowing excess air. The stomach then tries to push out that gas in the form of a burp.


There are various causes of belching, starting from excessive consumption of food which leads to gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, drinking carbonated drinks, to talking too much too fast. The stomach then forces you to burp in order to get rid of the excess air. Belching can get embarrassing if it occurs too often. There are some simple and effective home remedies that can help control belching.

How to stop belching using home remedies

1.      Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea

Ginger helps in controlling the gases that are produced in the stomach and also helps in digestion. Boil a tsp of grated ginger in a cup of water. Strain and drink the tea in order to stop belching.

2.     Cardamom


Cardamom can help in relieving and spasm in the stomach muscles which can also cause belching. It also stimulates the production of digestive juices which can control the gas that is produced in the stomach. Make a concoction of a pod of cardamom boiled in a cup of water and drink it hot for instant relief.

3.     Eat Slowly

If you eat too much too fast, your brain cannot register the amount of food that is consumed. This ends up in overeating. So eat slowly, taking your time with food. It takes the brain 20 minutes after you begin to eat to know how full the stomach is. That way, you chew better and eat lesser and not cause flatulence.

4.     Skip the aerated drinks

While the can of cola sounds like the perfect companion with your main course, try to avoid aerated drinks as much as possible, since they fill the stomach with gas. Instead, opt for green tea. If you must drink your aerated drink, see if you can slightly dilute it and sip on it slowly through the meal.

5.      Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds

There is a reason saunf or fennel seeds are served after meals – the licorice in them helps in improving digestion and reducing the gas in the stomach.

6.     Avoid Chewing gum

Chewing gum is another culprit that causes belching. It makes you take in a lot of air into your stomach. Avoid chewing gum after food if you are in the habit.

7.      Take an antacid


An antacid containing simethicone can help break down the gas bubbles in your stomach and also work on the acidity which can lead to belching.

8.      Position while lying down

lying down

Sleeping on your side of sleeping with your knees on the chest will help you expel the gas   better.

9.     Baking Soda to the rescue

Add a pinch of baking soda to a cup of water and slowly sip of the water. The baking soda neutralizes the acidity in the stomach that causes the belching.

10. Cold milk

Drinking half a cup of cold milk is also known to ease belching. Milk acts on the heartburn that causes belching and provides instant relief.

So now that we have seen how to stop belching using some simple home remedies, the next time you start belching, try some of these to avoid any kind of embarrassment.

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