Stiletto Workout – Why you should try this?

‘Burning calories in heels,’ it may sound weird to many but if data and surveys are to be believed, this is the most chic trend of staying skinny, firm and fit. A close kin of pole-dancing for fitness, Stiletto workouts help you stay in your desired body shape. If you are still doubtful about it and counting on benefits of this fashionable fitness activity, go through the article. It tells you all about Stiletto workout –

Sexier calf muscle – If you drool over Jennifer Aniston’s sexy legs, and crave to get legs as sexy as her, stiletto workout can be of great help. Brisk walking in high heels will endow you with stellar calf muscles, as it engages muscles of this area with each other which tones up leg muscle, making it look sexier, leaner and elongated.

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Stiletto Workout

Note – Walking more than half an hour  with heels on may result into muscle strain. Therefore, you must pre-determine about your workout timings.

Better sex life – This must have come as a surprise to you. Yes, wearing high heels more often and conducting exercise with stilettos is supposed to have put positive impact on baby making muscles which is directly proportional to a better sex life. According to arguments given in favor of this aspect of wearing high heels, when a woman wears stilettos or any other footwear with elevated heels, she leans a little forward. This posture tightens her abdominal muscles and tucks in the pelvis. The tucking in of pelvic muscle increases its ability to contract which helps the woman to enjoy better sex. Along with, better contraction of pelvic muscle also helps women in easy child birth.

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Benefits in curing health issues related to urinary incontinence– According to researches it is found that women who wear higher heels are less prone to urinary diseases. Experts have also suggested that wearing high heels help women in getting rid of problems related to urinary incontinence, as body posture after wearing shoes with escalated heels helps in tightening of pelvic muscles. This offers a cure in such health issues.

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High heeled shoes have always been linked with confidence boosting – Whether you are a runway model or a house wife, you must have witnessed the change in your persona after switching on to stilettos. Shoes with high heels not only make your health better but also enhance your personality. What else one would ask for?

Caution – Although, stilettos and other footwear with elevated heels are very beneficial but it also asks you to be cautious, as wearing footwear with more than three inches of elevation is not supposed good for health. It cuts down feet’s ability of shock absorbing and also makes it prone to problems such as flat foot, bunions, hammertoes etc.

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