Step by Step Tutorial: French Braid

Are you headed outdoor for cycling or want to style your hair in a cleaner tied look for your next party? French braids have made a comeback with a bang. From teens to celebrities, this look can be spotted everywhere. If you want to strut a French braid in your hair and are wondering how, read our ‘Step by Step tutorial: How to do a French braid.’

Step by Step Tutorial: French Braid

Step 1: To get best results, wash and condition your hair before you begin. Take a shampoo comb and thoroughly de-tangle your hair of any possible knots. French braid can be done in wet or dry hair.

Step 2: For a centre French braid, start right above the ears, take the strands of hair, like you were to tie them in a half pony tail. Now run your fingers from top to bottom in this section of strands and de-tangle in case any hair remains tangled. Divide the hair into three equal parts, in similar manner as you would, while making a traditional braid in this section. Start braiding them, not too tight, not too loose.

Step 3: Keep adding other small strands of hair and continue braiding

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Step 4: Keep including newer hair strands in small sections from both sides – right and left.

Step by Step Tutorial: French Braid

Step 5: Once you are reaching towards the bottom, start with the traditional method of braiding as you may have now included all possible hair strands.

Step 6: Tie a band to secure your French braid.

Step 7: Apply some hairspray if you want the French braid to stay longer. This is an optional step, you can avoid it if you do not wish to expose your hair to chemicals, we totally understand.

If you want to strut a side French braid, use the same method as stated above. Only when you begin, start sideways. Rest of the steps remain same.

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Do’s and Don’ts of tying a French braid

• To get an extremely detailed fine braid opt for thinner sections every time you are braiding. Even when you begin, start with a thin section of hair strands and follow suit.

• Doing the French braid all by yourself is easy but prior practice is necessary. Go find yourself a guinea pig and try this style on them before you are all set to make your début as a hairstylist for your own hair and you spot a French braid.

• It is absolutely fine to tie a French braid in wet hair. In fact once you open your French braid, you will naturally style your hair with beachy waves. How cool is that?

• It is very important you detangle your hair before you commence. You do not want to start over once you spot a knot.

• When braiding, rightly tighten the braid. Too loose or too tight, both ways the braid may end up looking shabby.

• Changing the diameter of strands every time you braid, will give you a braid hairstyle of your own invention. It won’t look French any more. So to get a French braid, stick to the same level of thickness

Do you have an easier method to do a French braid. If yes, we would like to hear it too. Share your method through email or in the comments section below.

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