How to spot the No Makeup Makeup Look?

Keeping it simple, that’s the new trend and the one that really should never go, if you ask us. Makeup is an art with really no boundaries to how creative one can get with it. Be it fashion shows, work, party or a simple coffee meet, makeup is essential. What look you should spot is equally important when you plan your ensemble. One such look that’s doing the rounds is the No Makeup Makeup Look. Here’s how you can be part of the trend. Learn this simple, easy to do makeup technique and in no time you’ll be a professional at decking up the No Makeup, Makeup Look. No kidding, all you need is a little practice, dedication and these handy steps. Now let’s get started.

How to spot the No Makeup Makeup Look?

Step 1: Eyebrows need to be groomed, as messy or undone eyebrows will be very evident in this makeup look. This is a must, indeed very important step to get this look right. Actually, it’s not just for no makeup makeup look but for any makeup you wish to spot to look beautiful, keep your eyebrows groomed.

Step 2: Take little primer and dab it on your face. Even out your skin tone, primer will reduce pores if any, fill in age lines and also give your skin a radiant and glowing skin. Primer will also keep your look intact and keep it on for long. We told you, primers are really a must for your makeup kit.

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Step 3: If you feel the need to foundation your skin, apply it to the T zone or oily areas only.

How to spot the No Makeup Makeup Look?

Step 4: Curl your lashes with mascara, to give your eyes a fuller look and make them look bigger without having to do too much eye make.

Step 5: It’s time to highlight your cheeks. Brush a pink shade only on the cheekbone area. Blend it well. Remember the key rule to get your blush right? Blending and more blending until it all looks like it’s one. Pink and Lighter Pink blush shades go very well with Indian skin tone.

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Step 6: For the lips, you can use a transparent gloss to give it a little sheen and amp up your natural look. Alternatively you can use a pink shade if you have a fair skin or a nude shade for Indian skin tone. Ideally, lip colour should be a shade that matches your natural lip colour or a shade lighter to your original lip colour.

You are now ready to rock your newly learnt no makeup look with makeup. Are you ready to click a selfie in your new natural look?

If you are worried about makeup melting in summer, being washed in monsoon or concerned about your dry skin being exposed to chemical based makeup in winter this minimalistic look is the perfect alternative. Especially when you are headed to work, where you cannot just wake up and go! You have to look presentable even on your bad days, the no makeup, makeup look is your magic wand.

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