Smokey Eyes – How to Get Smoky Eyes

Smoky eye effect is one of the trendiest fashions out there while it is also a classic effect suitable for almost every woman. This effect is generally used to revamp the night-time look giving a sexy and mystic look. Though easy to apply, some women often get it wrong by applying either too little or too much eye shadow. Here is a quick tutorial on how to get a smoky eye effect in 8 simple steps.

Step 1: Choice of color is very important. This effect is generally achieved by using one dark shade. Black, grey or brown are commonly used but some may even prefer navy or dark plum shade. It is very important to get a matching eyeliner.

Smokey Eyes

Step 2: Start by applying a thin layer of concealer or primer. If you don’t have these, a foundation will work well. Apply this across your eye lids. This is generally used to improve the vibrancy of the effect you want to achieve. Once you have applied concealer or primer or foundation, use a flesh-colored powder to sweep across the lids. A slight amount of shimmer can be used if you want to add a fancy-factor to the effect.

Smokey Eyes

Step 3: Now you need to trace the lash line using a pencil. The trace should be thicker towards the end. Always remember to start from inside and move to the end.

Step 4: Here you need to diffuse the eyeliner you just applied. For this, pick up an eye-shadow brush and use a very light color and start sweeping the shadow layer that is close to the lash line. Using pearl or white shimmer is best. Now, the middle of your eyelids need to be covered using a slightly darker color. Make sure that that the color fans out towards the socket line or the crease.

Smokey Eyes

Step 5: Apply a shimmering color to the brow bone. Keep the color as nude as possible. This accentuation will highlight your facial features.

Step 6: If you notice any kind of harsh lines, you need to blend them off by using a soft brush. If some powder has collected under your eyes, remove them using a fan brush.

Step 7: Now it is time you make your eyes look whiter, brighter and wider. For this, line the waterline of your eyes using a white pencil. Go all the way up to your tear ducts to get the full effect.

Smokey Eyes

Step 8: Apply mascara – no more than two coats – on your lashes as the final touch to your smoky eye effect!

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