Are You Smelling Right? – Tricks to Hit Upon Your Signature Scent

Who doesn’t want to smell beautiful? Everyone, right? But with so many choices available in the market, are you picking the right one? Well, there are certain tricks that can help you hit upon your signature scent easily. Want to know those? Read on below:

Are You Smelling Right

1. Identify Your Vibe

Yes, your personality is the first thing to consider while picking the right perfume for yourself. If you are a fun loving person, fresh floral scents will convey your vibe the best. If ‘mysterious’ is the word that defines your nature, long-lasting fragrances like amber, sandalwood, etc. will be the perfect choice for you. Alternatively, go for the sensual and soothing notes like jasmine to discover a sexier you.

2. Find Your Favorite Category

Usually, all sorts of scents are categorized into certain groups of families. It is important to know your favorite family of perfumes to pick the right one. It may be something that reminds you of sweet memories or that you can closely relate to. Here are the most common smell families to choose from:

• Floral – Rose, lavender, carnation, orange blossom, etc. having the fragrance of freshly cut flowers.

• Fresh – Lime, lemon, grapefruit, orange, apricot, peach, apple, etc. having a clean and refreshing scent.

• Spicy / Oriental – Amber, warm vanilla, musk, resins, and other spices having crisp and inexplicable smell.

• Woody – Patchouli, bergamot, labdanum, oakmoss, etc. having earthy yet citrus aroma.

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3. Remember the Purpose

It may sound silly, but keeping the purpose of purchasing the perfume in mind is also significant to hit upon the right one. The perfume used at work should be completely different from that used in a dinner party. While a pleasant and soothing fragrance will do for your day events, you should opt for an intense and attractive smell to spice up your night outs. Similarly, if you are picking the perfume for gifting purpose, try to remember the choice of the person in mind.

Are You Smelling Right

4. Is It Smelling Good on You?

Just because your best friend uses the ‘Tommy Girl’ or your mom likes to wear the ‘Pure Poison’ does not mean you can also go for it. The truth is that the fragrance, which you have fallen for, might not smell so nice on you. There are certain factors like the weather, the skin type, the food habit and the body temperature of the person, which determines the way her chosen perfume will react. So, be careful.

5. Take the Season into Account

You just cannot ignore the importance of the season in selecting the perfect perfume for yourself. When it comes to the summer days, mild and fresh smells like grass, orange, grapefruit, etc. are considered as the best choices. Conversely, try to stick to heavier fragrances during the winter days. These include musk, cinnamon, amber, and so on.

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6. Consider the Price Factor

Last but not the least, know your budget. You can find perfumes in the market ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. If you have a clear idea about how much you are ready to spend for your perfume, it would be much easy for you to pick the right one.

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