Simple Ways to Keep Hair Pores Healthy And Strong

Depressed with hair fall and thinning problem? You need to understand that this is a universal problem that is suffered by all and everyone. To get rid of this problem, the first and foremost thing for you to consider is the health of your hair. If you have clean and nourished hair, definitely you will get to enjoy soft, lustrous and dreamy tresses to flaunt. Research and studies have observed that there are three prime causes that are associated with hair problems such as thinning, hair loss, dryness and more.

Keep Hair Pores Healthy And Strong

1. The hair follicles are getting blocked, thus stopping growth of new hair.
2. The hair is not getting adequate nourishment to ensure strength and growth.
3. Hair scalp is getting dry and incapable of proper blood circulation.

With so much pollution and improper lifestyle, we mostly end up having dry and flaky scalp, thus loosing hair frequently. Want to discover how you can help your hair from getting broken and thinned out? We give you a synopsis about healthy hair and its must dos to be followed religiously:

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Some Easy Steps to Keep Your Hair Pores Healthy

Oil massage and hair wash regularly: To get shiny and thick hair, it is very important that you enhance the blood circulation in the scalp properly. Opt for hot oil massage at least twice weekly to keep the hair pores open and refrained from clogging. Also make sure to wash it regularly with mild herbal shampoo that is devoid of chemical side effects.

Use of head gears to avoid pollution: When going out in the sun, always try to use a head gear such as hat, cap, scarf and more to avoid the direct

UV rays of sun. It is revealed through studies that UV rays make hair dry and rough easily, resulting in weak hair pores and roots. Head gears also protect your hair from pollution and regular toxins.

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Hair mask at least once weekly: Thirdly, use a homemade hair mask once a week so that your tresses get back its needful nourishments. Include ingredients such as yogurt, lemon, eggs etc to make a hair pack which is rich in nutrient contents and beneficial for the hair growth process effectively.

Keep Hair Pores Healthy And Strong

Proper food habits and lifestyle: Finally, you should also improve your food habit and lifestyle to ensure shiny and strong hair. Intake of alcohol or smoking tends to make the hair pores weak and closed with excess oil, which in turn again result in breakage problem. Some of the food items you must include in your meal for healthy hair are eggs, yogurt, oats, fatty oils, vegetables and fruits.

Indulge in these simple changes and you will get to watch less hair fall within a short time span of few weeks.

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