Siddha Treatment for Hair Loss

If anyone asks you, have you had hair issues anytime? The issue that will fit the criteria perfectly is hair fall which hits both the sex equally. Siddha treatment has in depth studied the condition and is offering you the best possible remedies for hairfall. Let us in detail know about Siddha treatment.

Siddha Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair fall is basically losing your hair from the head and is known as alopecia.

Causes for hair loss:

  • Medical causes like stress, High cholesterol, Arthritis, Cancer, High fever, Heart problem can cause hair fall issue.
  • Hormonal imbalance period like pregnancy, puberty and menopause can also cause hair fall.
  • Other than that, Sudden weight loss, Aging, Excessive shampoo, Insomnia, Heredity, Skin disorders, Scalp infections, Pollution, Skin disorders, Working in late hours  etc., can also cause hair fall.

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Siddha treatment for hair fall:

  1. Pancha Kalpa kuliyal choornam: This one is a medicine specially made to deal with hair fall with 5 herbs.  2-5 Gms of this medicine has to be boiled in milk and has to be applied on the scalp before taking bath. This medicine is best to control as well as reduce body heat apart from improving eyesight.
  2. Take a handful of hibiscus leaves and blend them into a smooth paste. Apply it for 30 minutes and wash it off with cold water. This remedy as per Siddha treatment stops hair fall.
  3. Aloe Vera gel is a good remedy for hair fall claims Siddha treatment. To enjoy the benefits of aloe vera, you need to apply aloe vera on the scalp and leave it on for about 40 minutes. Wash it off with cold water once done. This treatment treats the infected area thus reducing hair fall.
  4. Take some coconut oil and add a few curry leaves into it and boil. After cooling apply this oil on your scalp and massage well. This treatment helps to decrease hair fall in the course of time.
  5. Grab some sesame oil and massage it deep into the scalp. Leave it on overnight. This oil nourishes the scalp and will control the dryness in the hair and will help to promote hair growth.
  6. The juice of dhania leaves or coriander leaves is really good to beat hair fall.
  7. Henna leaves are also a great remedy for hair fall. Apply henna paste on the scalp and hair for 2 hours and then take bath. This will help in the growth of hair and reduce hair fall too. Henna is a great coolant for the scalp.
  8. Make a paste of onion, pepper and salt and apply it on the scalp for decreasing hair fall.
  9. Make a paste of black pepper seeds with lemon juice and apply it on the scalp or hair fall affected area.
  10. Take  seeds of Nervalam with lemon juice and make a smooth paste and apply it on the scalp for reducing hair fall.

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Siddha internal treatment for hair fall:

  • Triphala karpam
  • Karisalai karpam
  • Rasaghendhi Meghugu

These are the medicines that need to be consumed internally to stop hair fall.

Apart from the remedies, you can opt for siddha treatment oils like Neelibringadhi or Kumari koonthal oil. Aloe, Amla, henna, hibiscus is in general very good for hair fall.

For shampooing the hair, natural shampoo must be used which contains amla or shikakai as the main ingredient.

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