Short and Spunky Chin-Length Hair – Top 10 Picks

So you think chin-length hair is not enough for styling? You are absolutely wrong. Short hair is highly in fashion now and you can sport a number of styles with this type of hair. Let me show you how. Here are top 10 short and spunky chin-length hairstyles for you:

1. Layered Bob with Side Bangs

When it comes to chin-length hairstyles, bob always tops the list. You can find a lot of layers teamed up with smart side bangs in this funky bob hair cut. While layers give great volume as well as texture to the locks, bangs play an important role to complete the entire look. For more fun, tease the crown area of your head a little.

Layered Bob with Side Bangs

2. Casual Bob with Sweet Ringlets

Don’t ever think that bangs are the one and only solution for making a bob hairstyle trendy. Curls are no lesser than those side-swept fringes. So, make use of your curling iron and throw a few tight ringlets in your casual bob. Finish it off with some sweeping bangs. You are ready with a sweet and refreshing look! Instantly!

Casual Bob with Sweet Ringlets

3. Blunt Bob with Dense Curls

Your chin-length hair can also be jazzed up with beautiful swirls. Well, this time I am talking about thick dense curls, which can help your hairstyle look full and fashionable at the same time. Just frame your face with this nice hairdo and stay stylish.

Blunt Bob with Dense Curls

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4. Stacked Bob with Wavy Ends

Waves are found to be a big hit when paired with stacked bob. Have a look at the following image and you’ll see how wavy edges have made this blunt chin-length bob a style statement. The deep side parting has also given the entire hairdo a chic look.

Stacked Bob with Wavy Ends

5. Sleek Crop with Straight Bangs

Now here is a vintage chin-length hairstyle that you can’t help but love. The crop with bangs across your face is enough to make you look traditionally beautiful. The center part makes the style even classier. Aren’t you getting a retro feel?

Sleek Crop with Straight Bangs

6. Chiseled Crop with Long Bangs

Can you spot the difference between the previous picture and this one? Well, this is also a crop hairstyle, but you can find how the long bangs have made it stand apart from others. Long straight bangs are the specialty of this hairdo. Moreover, the razor-sharp angles give your hair a perfectly chiseled look.

Chiseled Crop with Long Bangs

7. Shiny and Smooth Bob

Yes, it is a classic bob. But you’ll never find it boring. Firstly, it creates a nice frame for the face. Secondly, the subtle round shape of the cut helps in defining the best facial features. And lastly, the dazzling shades applied to the locks make the whole hairstyle exceptionally beautiful.

Shiny and Smooth Bob

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8. Layered Bob with Curly Roll Up

For a chin-length hairstyle, this cool ‘combination hairdo’ simply works great. Basically, it is a layered bob with lots of natural as well as ironed curls. But the best thing about this style is the bangs that are rolled up and secured on the top of the head with Kirby grips.

Layered Bob with Curly Roll Up

9. Vintage Layered Shag

Check out this vintage hairstyle for another retro look. The texture and volume of the hair makes this layered shag a hot favorite among stylish women. Apart from being trendy, it also adds a touch of elegance to your appearance.

Vintage Layered Shag

10. Layered Half Updo with Waves

Finally, try out this mini updo with layered locks. All you need to do is to create some waves in your hair and tie it into a half updo. Voila! You are all set to look sexy as well as sophisticated at the same time.

Layered Half Updo with Waves

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