Short Hairstyles for 2014 – Get Gorgeous!

Short hair style is often seen as an emblem of boldness and power in females. If we turn a few pages of we would find that the most powerful women of modern era, ranging from Margret Thatcher to Indira Gandhi preferred keeping their hair aesthetically short. A short hair style takes you to another level of oomph and style. Go gorgeous in 2014 with a smart pixie cut or lovable flairs. Else, you can make your moves in bubbly ballerina buns. There are innumerous options available. Some of them are mentioned here…

Pixie Cut – This is one of the most preferred styling ideas for shorter hair. It looks equally good on curly, wavy and straight hairs. Time and again, Hollywood celebrities have made appearances in this attractive hairstyle and made it popular. In this year, wear a pixie cut and make people follow your style.

pixie hairstyles

Basic bump for straight hair – Go for an ethnic look by volumizing your hairs at crown. Use a few bobby pins, make a bump on the crown area and sneak into a completely different look.

Basic bump for straight hair

Twisting hair back – Who says that this hair style is exclusive to those with long hairs? You too can sport the twisted hair look. Divide you short hair in partitions and twist them up. To keep them in place, use a few bobby clips.

Twisting hair back

Give a spiky look to short hair– It is a common phenomenon that spiked hair suits only to boys. You can break the rule by wearing this hairstyle in style. This hair style will suit your bold personality as well as will make you stand out in the crowd.

spiky look to short hair

(Note – Don’t go for sharp spikes. It’ll be always intelligent to go for thicker/subtle spikes)

Short waves – Waves are generally difficult to manage if you have long hairs. But with short hair, it is not an issue. In fact, hair waves make short hairs look great. Sport your wavy hair this season to look naturally beautiful.

Short waves

Faux Ballerina bun – Whenever you see someone sporting a ballerina bun, you heart goes out! Brought in trend by those ace dancers, this hairstyle makes the wearer look gorgeous. But, you cannot get it with your hair cut really short… What to do? How about the idea of faux ballerina bun… Faux ballerina bun style can be easily donned if you have chin length hair. To earn perfection in making this hairstyle, you can browse through online videos and learn it step by step.

Faux Ballerina bun

Pompadour Hairstyle – Popularized by Madame de Pompadour of France (mistress of King Louis XV) pompadour hairstyle looks better in short hair than longer tresses. Last year, a number of celebrities with short hair made their red carpet appearance in this hairstyle and looked graceful. You can easily opt for this simple hairstyle to make an awesome entry in your office parties or family gatherings.

Pompadour Hairstyle

It is always good to be experimental. Go and give a new touch to your short hairs to exhibit your fashion loving persona…

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