Shellac French Manicure – Is It a Good or a Bad Choice?

They say that ‘your hands reflect who you are’. But how can a hand look beautiful if it does not have long fingers with perfectly manicured nails? Well, there are lots of popular manicure kits readily available in the market and sorting out the most perfect one for your hands is truly a daunting task. Let me help you in your way. In this post, I’ll be telling you about the famous Shellac French Manicure, how can you try it at your home and whether it is a good choice for you or not. So, get ready.

Shellac French Manicure

How to Do Shellac French Manicure at Home

Shellac French Manicure can give you gorgeous yet natural-looking nails that can be flaunted at all types of events and with any kind of outfit. Here is how you can get it by yourself:

1. Supplied Needed for Getting the Manicure

  • Nail filer
  • LED Nail Lamp / UV Nail Lamp
  • Shellac Nails Base Coat
  • Studio White Shellac Nail Polish
  • Shellac Nail Polish (pick the color as per your wish)
  • Shellac Nails Top Coat
  • Warm water
  • Alcohol wipe

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2. Steps to follow for Getting the Manicure

Shellac French Manicure

Go for a complete clean up of your nails. There should be no trace of dirt, soil or old polish on them. If you want to alter their shapes, trim them carefully. Also, file each of your nails by running the filer in long strokes.

Pour the warm water in a small bowl and dip your fingers in it. Once your cuticles become soft enough, take the fingers out of the water and push the cuticles back in order to bring the nails out properly.

Now, start applying the Shellac Nails Base Coat to all of your nails one by one. Make sure that you apply it uniformly right from the base to the tip. Place both your hands beneath the LED (or UV) Nail Lamp at least for 2 minutes. You might follow the instructions that come with your manufacturer’s booklet.

Take the Studio White Shellac Nail Polish and apply a thin coat along the tip of each nail. Put the fingers underneath the LED Nail Lamp again and wait for 2 minutes so that they get cured.

Now, it is time to apply the favorite shade of your Shellac Nail Polish. The strokes should be broad and even all through the nails. Place the hands beneath the LED Nail Lamp once again for a couple of minutes. Repeat the entire step for making the nail color stable.

Finally, apply the Shellac Nails Top Coat to your colored nails and cure them perfectly by putting them below the LED Nail Lamp for last 2 minutes. Finish your task by wiping away the residue (if any) from the nails with the alcohol wipe.

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Is the Shellac French Manicure Worth Trying?

Yes! Of course! It is an excellent choice that you can make for your nails. The Shellac French Manicure offers a comparatively thinner texture, which gets dried quickly, stays for longer time, looks extremely glossy, and above all really pocket-friendly. Aren’t these enough to excite you?

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