Shape Those Beautiful Eyebrows to Perfection Yourself

Your eyebrows say a lot about you. They define your face, enhance your facial features, add beauty to it and also tell the world about your grooming habits. Isn’t it surprising that such a small physical aspect of your body has so much to convey?  

Do not underestimate those eyebrows; they largely impact your overall appearance and transform your face. While your eyebrows are the safest in the hands of a professional, time and monetary constraints can leave you with bushy, messy and ill-shaped eyebrows. So, how do you fix that, even when you’re absolutely helpless?

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Well, there is a way out of your dilemma! At times, self help really is the best help and you can shape your eyebrows all by yourself by following our step by step guide. Those sexy eyebrows over your beautiful eyes are just a few steps away. Let the guys melt with your appeal and let the girls brim with envy over your perfectly shaped eyebrows.

A Step by Step Guide to the Perfect Eyebrows  

Remember that the first rule to DIY eyebrows is working with what you have. You cannot shape straight eyebrows into an extreme arch and neither can you tame that arch to straighten up. What you already have, suits you best.

Now, how do you shape them?

  1. With a spiral brush, sweep your eyebrows upward.
  2. Use a pair of shaping scissors and carefully trim excess hairs. Get rid of the longer strands first and do not cut them all at once. Remember, doing it slowly is the key here.
  3. Now brush your eyebrows downwards and slowly trim excess hairs.
  4. After trimming excess hairs, brush your eyebrows back into place and closely examine them.
  5. If you find stray strands, especially below the brow bone, pluck them out in a swift motion with a pair of tweezers. Always tweeze your eyebrows in the direction of growth.

And that’s half the job done!

  1. Now hold a ruler straight up both the sides of your nose. This line determines where your eyebrows should begin. Pluck out the excess hairs outside this line.
  2. Use an eyebrow pencil to trace out your ideal shape. Getting your eyebrows shaped from a professional before you begin trimming it yourself can help you keep your ideal shape in mind. Also, your ideal shape will appear darker than the rest of the hairs on your brow.
  3. Once you’ve traced out your ideal shape, you can tweeze out excess hairs or trim them with a pair of shaping scissors.

And you’re ready to go!

If you’ve made a few errors; don’t worry, practice will bring perfection and in the meanwhile, you can always use a brow pencil to fill in the gaps.

Isn’t it exciting that you can have sexy eyebrows by doing it yourself? Don’t be surprised when people walk up to you with questions about your eyebrows. There will be many who will want to know where you get them done. And, the most surprising part of it all is when you let them know that you DO IT YOURSELF.

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