Shampoo Your Hair the Right Way

Shampooing your hair is something that you do every day, but are you doing it the right way? You might be thinking that what you do is the right way, but perhaps that is not true. The fact is that washing your hair in the right way can make all the difference; it can make your hair healthier, bouncier and shinier.

Shampoo Your Hair the Right Way

Right way to Shampoo your hair

1.  Rinse your hair well: Before you shampoo your hair, you need to rinse your hair well. The hair has to be completely wet all over. You can rinse your hair with warm water; it will open the cuticles of the scalp which is very much vital for removing the dirt. Rinsing the hair in warm water will also help in loosening the oil from the scalp.

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2.  Long hair, condition first: If you have a long hair you can condition it first. This is because the ends of the hair are very fragile and they need to be taken special care of so that there is no further damage.

3.  Lather it all up: Once the hair is rinsed with water well, the shampoo has to be applied on the hair and scalp. You can dilute the shampoo in little bit of water, this will help in lathering up the shampoo well. The lathered shampoo should be applied on the hair from the scalp to the tip of the hair. The shampoo should be worked out on the hair gently. The hair has to be massaged well with very gentle movements, make sure you are not damaging the hair in anyway. Run the shampoo through your hair using your fingers gently without tangling it.

4.  Rinse your hair well: After shampooing your hair, the next very important step is to remove the product off the scalp and hair completely. Run the water through your hair gently and repeat this process until all the product is washed off completely. Check the scalp by gently massaging it to see if the product is washed off the scalp completely.

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5.  Apply conditioner: Once the shampoo is completely washed off you have to apply the conditioner. The conditioner is also a very important step as it locks the moisture in the hair and renders smoothness and shine to the hair.  When you apply conditioner, make it a point to apply the conditioner one inch away from the scalp and concentrate on the tips. After applying the conditioner, leave it on the hair for 2 minutes and then rinse it off completely.

6.  Dry your hair: Once the hair is rinsed out completely, tie a towel around the hair into a bun and dry it naturally. Make sure the towel is soft and smooth one as wet hair is easily damageable. Do not use a blow dryer to dry until and unless it is absolutely necessary.

Shampoo Your Hair the Right Way

7.  Comb your hair: You can comb your hair when it is semi dry. While combing your hair, do take care to do that very gently and slowly as this minimises the damage.

Points to take care of:

  • You must avoid shampoos that contain Sulfates (sodium laureth sulfate and ammonium laureth sulfate) as they are industrial-strength cleaning ingredients.
  • If your hair feels dry after shampooing it could be because an ingredient called dimethicone in the shampoo. The silicone gives a smooth feeling however it stops the moisture and oils from entering your hair.
  • If you are using a dry shampoo, you must use it in the night before you go to bed as the turning and tossing will help the dry shampoo to soak into the hair.
  • If you have bleached your hair then you should use a clarifying shampoo regularly. It will help in absorbing the yellowish tones that comes from the environment, sweat, hair products etc.

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