Did You Say Disturbing Sleep? You Could Be a Victim to “Semi-Insomnia”!

How many of you get a very peaceful sleep in the night? In today’s age everyone around us is complaining of bad sleep, disturbing sleep etc. What could be the reason behind it? Are they a victim to Insomnia…Well, NO, but they could very well be battling with its sister disease- a new sleep disorder by the name-, “Semi- Insomnia”.


All about Semi- Insomnia

Study has it that an alarming number of people are battling with the semi-insomnia disorder currently. Semi-Insomnia is basically partial- sleep loss as the name says it. The main reason that triggers this disorder is the stress level as well as the excessive use of technology. During this condition the individual might get sleep but it won’t be a peaceful one. The sleep pattern would be very disturbing in this case, wherein the victims spend hours without sleeping or the sleep is broken in between with a break of 30 minutes or an hour.

The reason that triggers Semi-Insomnia:

Stress and excessive use of technology as I mentioned before are the 2 main reason. The stress and tension that runs through your mind whole day takes a toll on your physical and mental health. The tension and stress gets piled on the subconscious mind, these thoughts play in your mind through your sleep, thereby causing this disorder.

So how is technology- the culprit to raise Semi-Insomnia?

Today if we look round we see most of the people are addicted to their phones. They could be playing games, messaging, calling etc. But whatever it is they are 24/7 hooked up to some or the other gadget. Even in the night, we see many people playing or doing last minute work on their laptop. Even the kids for that matter are seen surfing on the Internet either on Facebook, twitter or something else. This constant use of technology marks the constant awakening of our brain, all these transpires into sleep disorders. The brain needs to calm down or get a break which is not happening in this case.

In order to evade semi-insomnia, there are several requisites:


• A person should not be exposed to harsh lights before sleeping, as the low light or darkness gives rise to a hormone called as melatonin which induces sleep.

• Once we start to sleep in a considerably low light, the temperature of our body begins to drop thus relaxing our mind and body and thus calming down our nervous system. The technology addiction at night hampers all this and thus does not let the normal sleep pattern to take place.

• It is during sleep that our mind processes the information it gets all through the day. But these days the information that we fill the brain with is much more than the brain can handle!! The pressure is too much for the brain itself as the part of the brain which handles with information is generally small and it is under immense pressure with the kind of load that these days’ people take in their mind. Therefore we need to understand that we have to give our mind the required break in a day- relax for 5 minutes after every hour in a day.

• It is good to practise some kind of exercise or yoga, maintain a healthy lifestyle. At work too keep yourself happy and sort the issues one by one.

• Avoid drinking coffee or tea in the night as it interferes in the sleep pattern.

• Make the rule of- switching off or keeping away all your gadgets before sleep and promise yourself not to break that rule.

Our mind and body has to work in tandem to lead a normal life. A good sleep is the secret behind a good life. So cut off the stress and unnecessary distractions and then Semi-Insomnia will never haunt you.

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Divya Rechesh

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