Secret Tricks You Need To Know About Makeup Primer Revealed

There are lots of things we know about makeup but there are still many that we do not know. We love revealing these beauty secrets to you! A lot of text contrary to popular say, consider primers to be unimportant. Primers should be part of your base makeup. Primers are applied second to foundation to make your skin tone look even, flawless and smooth. Get to know: secret tricks you need to know about make up primer, which we are revealing below. Read on to find out more.

Secret Tricks You Need To Know About Makeup Primer Revealed

1) Lipstick for Longer Hours

Make your lips appear fuller and longer. There are lots of lipsticks that promise longevity but this trick will definitely make your lipstick last longer. Take a little primer and apply it on your lips before you apply any lipstick or gloss.

2) The Acne Show

Primer will hide acne or pores of any size, shape and colour. Yes, primers can also do that. Shop for pore-free or pore less primers if you want to hide the bigger one’s or make them look as small as possible.

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3) Shadow the Eye Shadow

Apply a little primer on the lids before your eye shadow. The primer will smear the eye shadow and also make it last longer, just the way you have applied it.

4) Appear Bruise Free

Primer can make you look flawless. Any bruises or cuts, take to the primer to hide them for you. Primer evens out the marks and colours of the bruise and your natural skin, making it all even. Any make up applied on that area will now reside for longer extent

Secret Tricks You Need To Know About Makeup Primer Revealed

5) Look Younger

Foundation after a while tends to delve in to the face and the age lines. Primer hides the wrinkles, fine lines by filling it, making you look younger and the makeup flawless.

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6) Makeup for Longevity

Come summer and you are worried about your make up sweating out as well. Even in winter, to get the make up to last longer is not easy! The beauty industry heard just that, when primers were invented as an answer. Primers, not only hide acne and age, they hide also the flaws. They radiate and give the skin a glow and also help you keep the makeup on for longer span.

Do you think you will skip the primer after reading secret tricks primer can do for you? It’s not only about applying primer. It is also about applying the primer rightly.

How to apply primer?

Choose a primer based on your skin type and tone. For whitish skin tone, purple primers work best. If you are on fairer red tone, opt for green primer. No matter what skin tone you are, when applying primer the basic beauty makeup rule remains: less is more. Also application of primer will be subject to skin type. People with oily skin, cleanse your skin, tone and moisturize it and apply the primer. You can skip the sunscreen. If you don’t have oily skin, apply primer after sunscreen.

Do you also look up to primer for glowing and radiant skin and to make it look flawless? What is your take on primers? How important is it for you to apply a primer? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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