How to Scrunch your Hair to get Curls and Waves

If you have straight hair and want to play with your hair texture by adding natural looking messy curls or waves, then you can do so by scrunching your hair. Scrunching helps add texture and volume to your naturally straight hair and makes it appear curly or wavy. Scrunching is a simple technique, using minimal products with astonishing results. Once you get used to doing it, you will be able to easily get gorgeous playful curls and waves that you can style the way you want. Let’s see how to scrunch your hair and change the way you look.

How to Scrunch your Hair 

Step 1 : Hair Wash

The first step towards scrunching one’s hair is to wash or wet the hair. While washing it, use a volumizing shampoo that will make your hair look voluminous and full. If you use a heavy conditioner, then it is best to skip it. If you cannot do without a conditioner, then we suggest that you use a light conditioner since you don’t want your hair to be weighed down by it. With the conditioner in the hair, use a wide toothed comb to comb your hair and remove all the tangles, if any. Rinse it well. You do not want any product to be left over in the hair and make it limp.

Step 2: Hair Drying

towel dry hair scrunching

The next step is to towel dry your hair. First, simply wrap your hair with a towel so that all the excess water is soaked into the towel. Now take a fresh towel and wrap it around a small section of your hair and press your hands together to absorb excess water. Repeat this for all sections of hair. Do not rub vigorously since you don’t want to cause hair breakage. Do not use a hair drier. Allow the hair to become semi dry.

Step 3: Product Application

woman applying hair mousse

Apply your curl enhancing product. You could use sprays like the Toni & Guy curl spray hair styler or gels like Organix FX Curl booster or creams like Organix Moroccon Curl defining cream. You could also use a mousse which is among the most popular curl enhancing products used. Depending on the product you are using, take the prescribed quantity on your palms, flip your hair upside down by bending down your head and work the product into your hair. Apply the product using both hands into your hair, mid length to the tips. Avoid applying anything on the scalp to prevent it from becoming greasy.

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Step 4: Scrunching the Hair

Scrunching the Hair

Now take two small sections of your hair, one in each hand and make a ball with it inside your fists, and squeeze them towards your scalp, like you are crumpling paper. This is called scrunching the hair.

Step 5: Fixing the waves

Flip your hair back straight and repeat for any hair section that you missed out on. Now allow your hair to dry naturally. Apply a fixing spray if you want to hold the waves in place. Run your fingers through your hair a couple of times and you are good to go with your naturally wavy look!

Step 6: Clipping the Hair if necessary

scrunching hair with clip

If you want more intense curls and not just a wavy look, then do this step after scrunching your hair. Divide it into sections, twist each section of hair, roll it into a bun to gather it at the scalp and secure it with a butterfly clip. Do this for all the sections of the hair, spray a strong hold hair spray and then let the hair dry out. Once it dries, open up the clips and simply let your hair tumble down. Do not comb. Apply some serum or hair gel from mid length to the tips and scrunch your hair again. You will now get more well defined messy curls.

scrunched hair

You now have natural looking messy curls that will make your look playful and cool.

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