Are Scrubs harmful for your skin?

Scrubbing your skin is accepted as an important part of skin restoration and beauty regime. However, it is advised by dermatologists that excess usage of scrub can also prove to be harmful by making your skin rough, dry and open to itching sensation. It is therefore essential that you take the assistance and guidance of a professional expert in case of any skin problem or allergy.

What is a facial scrub?

Facial scrubs are generally creams and lotions used for face clean up purpose and removal of dead skin cells. Scrubs are made of milk ingredients and grounded grains, nuts and other synthetic elements that provide with gentle abrasive texture and cleaning effect at its best.


When to use facial scrub?

Our skin remains exposed to regular dirt and dust, which results in dead and scratchy skin cells. Scrubbing is essentially helpful in removing these patchy tans and dead cells, thus making your skin look refreshed and clean. The micro-beads of facial scrub clean the dirt from inner pores and make your face appear glowing and smooth.

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However it is equally true that scrub tends to make the skin raw and sensitive with its abrasive texture, if overdone. Therefore it is suggested that you do not indulge in regular scrubbing. Instead opt for facial scrub once in fifteen or twenty days. If you have oily skin type, then a more frequent scrubbing regime is advised, i.e. once in seven-ten days. Most importantly, make certain that you use quality scrubbing product as it directly brushes your face. Stay away from cheap and chemical products which may hamper your skin with rashes, redness and itchy feeling.

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Are scrubs harmful for skin?

This is a common query that strikes every mind before using scrub items. It is observed that due to its coarse and rough feel, many people fear using scrubs on their skin. However, the fact is that scrubs are actually good for skin, if utilized in a proper and professional manner.

Sugar, lemon and honey scrub

Below we have provided you with some tips to follow in order to enjoy maximum benefits of facial scrubbing:

• Use a cleanser lotion initially on the face and wash it properly. Do not use scrub directly on the skin first.
• Regular usage of scrub is strictly a no-no as it makes your skin rough and open to rashes. Always maintain a gap of 15-20 days; in case of oily skin you can opt for scrub once weekly.
• Scrubs remove the dirt from your skin thoroughly, thus preventing clogging of skin pores in an effective manner.
• Always use ice cubes or a face pack or some soothing lotion on your face after using face scrub. It will help reduce the redness and inflamed feeling.

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