Say ‘No’ to Rashes under Breasts

Breast rash is one of the most common skin concerns of women. It is mainly caused by excessive sweating, while wearing a wrong-sized bra can be another reason behind this infection. Rashes developed under breasts can be highly discomforting as it leads to dryness, itchiness and sometimes even extreme burning sensation. If you are also suffering from the same, here are some great remedies for you:

Rashes Under Breast

1. Wear Cotton Fabrics

Wearing cotton fabrics is the easiest way to cure as well as prevent rashes under the breasts. Being made of light natural fibers, these clothing can absorb maximum sweat and keep our entire body moisture-free for long.

2. Use Baby Powder

Replace your harsh talcum powder with gentle and soothing baby powder. Using it right after bathing can help you keep the area under your breasts cooler and sweat-free. As a result, you can stay away from rashes easily.

3. Apply Cold Compresses

A cold compression therapy is considered as one of the most effective methods for getting rid of rashes under breasts. All you need to do is to wrap a few ice cubes in a clean piece of cotton cloth and hold it over your rashes (8-10 minutes for each application). An ice bag can also give the same results.

4. Vinegar

You can use vinegar solution to keep your garments free from chemical residue and avoid rashes under your breasts. Prepare the solution by mixing 1 cup of vinegar with 1 bucket of water and rinse all your garments in it. Make sure that you dry them under direct sunlight. Those who do not have sensitive skin can also apply apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to the rashes once every day.

5. Cornstarch

Cornstarch is another great natural ingredient that can be used to treat rashes. Clean the skin of that sensitive area and pat it dry. Then apply cornstarch powder to it. Make sure that the skin is completely dry when you dust the powder. Or else, it might lead to fungal infection. This remedy can be used at least twice a day for best results.

6. Garlic


Garlic has excellent antifungal properties and it can be used as an antiseptic agent too. Therefore, you can make use of this ingredient for treating rashes under your breasts. Just mash 8-10 garlic cloves into paste and spread it over the affected body part. You can also use garlic oil in place of mashed garlic. Also, try to take in as much garlic as possible.

7. Turmeric


Turmeric paste is known to be highly effective in healing rashes, especially under the breasts. Add some aloe juice and plain water to regular turmeric powder to form a smooth thick paste. Apply it over the affected area of the skin and rinse after 30 minutes. The itching or burning caused by the rashes will go away almost immediately.

8. Lemon


Being a powerful antioxidant and a rich source of vitamin C, lemon can be used to treat rashes under breasts efficiently. However, you need to dilute lemon juice with water prior to using it. Mix 3 teaspoons of water with 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and apply on the rashes to kill the germs and accelerate healing.

Try any of these remedies and get rid of rashes under your breasts easily.

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