Say goodbye to Computer Eye Strain

Do you find yourself often having headaches or redness in the eyes? If yes, then do you belong to the tribe that spends upwards 10 hours staring at the computer monitor everyday? If yes, then you know that the cause for the strain is the computer. We now tell you how to deal with it so that you can say goodbye to computer eye strain.

Computer Eye Strain

  • Light is the culprit: Do not allow bright right to fall on the monitor since it will get reflected straight into your eyes. Most workplaces have lighting. But if you have sunlight directly streaming in on your screen or artificial lighting getting reflected off it, try to change your seating position or the direction of your screen.
  • Adjust screen brightness: Another case of brightness causing the problem. If your screen brightness is too high, then first thing to do is to reduce its brightness. Back light from the monitor causes a lot of eye strain and needs to be brought down to optimum levels so that it is not harsh on the eye.
  • Invest in a pair of spectacles: You spend so much on those trendy sunglasses that you wear to protect your eyes in the few hours you spend outdoors. But what about spectacles for daily eye protection when you are indoors and staring at the computer? You will do well if you buy a pair for yourself, since these “computer glasses” help in reducing the strain on the eye and will minimize eye fatigue and stress.

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Computer Eye Strain

  • Hydrate your eyes: Constant staring at the monitor, coupled with air-conditioning can cause extreme dryness of the eyes. Just as you feed water to your body, do so to your eyes too. Take a clean tissue and run it under some distilled water. Cover your eyes with this for about 2 minutes. It has double benefits- it helps you relax your eyes and also give it the much needed hydration.
  • Take regular breaks: Just as your body and mind need rest, so do your eyes. Sometimes, you can be sitting at your desk and staring at the monitor but your brain will be switched off. At such times, your mind and body are getting rest, but no so your eyes. So it is essential that in a regular work day, other than your designated breaks, you also get up and walk around at regular intervals such that you are not staring for longer than an hour at the monitor in one go.
  • Blink often : By blinking, you are giving your eyes a mini-break. So every half hour or so, simply stare away from the monitor and blink away 10-15 times. This will make you feel much more refreshed.

Computer Eye Strain

  • Eye exercise: One of the best ways to relax the eyes is through eye exercise. Every now and then, tear your eyes away from the monitor and focus on a distant object for about twenty seconds. This helps in relaxing the eyes.

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  • Position your monitor properly: Your monitor must be placed at least 20 inches away from your eyes, at eye level. Adjust your seat height accordingly so that you don’t have to slouch or stretch in order to take a good look at your monitor.

Try these tips during your work hours and say good bye to computer eye strain.

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