How to Save Money on Makeup

As Bobbi Brown quotes it “Makeup is a way for a woman  to look and feel like herself, only more prettier and more confident.” Does Makeup have to be really expensive to look the best? How do you choose between the expensive vs. the cheap makeup alternatives? Do you ask often, how to save money on makeup? Even on tight budgets, you can still look like the glamorous you and we explain to you here – how.

Save Money on Makeup

1. Scout for deals online

Companies come out with combo packs and deals on makeup products very often. Make sure you are scouting your way to it. If you find well, you can even get lucky to get the best branded cosmetics in your budget too.

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2. Find an alternative to your expensive makeup

If you are looking to get more products in less price, you can choose to opt for mid level brands rather than high end brands. This way you can get more in the same amount of money that you spend for less in quantity luxury brands.

3. Opt for DIY Makeup

You can save money on scrubs, creams for acne, facial scrubs, exfoliation face wash, by altering the market bought products with do it yourself homemade cosmetics.

4. Don’t Overdo

Use your makeup smartly and sparingly. You can apply powder on your lips before applying lipstick to make it last for longer time. You do not have to repeat lipstick application or apply it more. You can save money on lipsticks by making it last longer. Similarly, you can take a tinge of blush and blend it more, than taking a lot more blush to give you a stronger look.

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5. Kill Two Birds with One Stone

You can use a tinge of the same lipstick as blush and a light eye shadow for your eyes. You can buy palettes of makeup products to add colors and longevity of the particular product in your wardrobe. Lookout for makeup that can double their usage and benefits whilst they are pocket-friendly and also save you money on makeup.

6. Magic Products

Did you know, you can use petroleum jelly as your lip balm and as your balm to avoid foot cracks? And it costs a lot less than your lip balm and crack creams available in the market. Similarly, the nail polish remover that you can buy, can also be used to recover dry nail polishes rather than thrashing them away. There are many such magic products you use them for their multi benefits and reusable qualities.

7. Suffice the Need

Do not get greedy and buy the product just because it is in vogue or someone you know has it. Buy only what you need and this way you can save money on makeup as well as keep your budget intact.

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8. Don’t judge the product by its price

It’s not always that the most expensive product is the best quality. Its more important that the product you buy is pot full of nutrients that benefit your purpose. Quality is detrimental to results that the product will show on you.

9. Recycle for more

Many companies offer free perks in exchange of recycling the container. MAC offers its customers a free cosmetic product in exchange of clean containers. Inquire with your company and I am sure you will not end up disappointed. There are many companies that offer recycling benefits.

10. Buy Travel Packs

The best way to afford is go for small quantities. Mostly all companies have travel sized makeup packaging available. If you are really tight on budget but still want to purchase what you want, there is no better suggestion than going for the minimized packaging.

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