Rosehip Oil – The ‘Magic Element’ to Boost Up Your Natural Beauty

Rosehip oil is a natural oil that is extracted from the fruit of the plant Rosa Mosqueta (the wild rose) through ‘cold press extraction’ procedure. The pure form of this oil is known to have certain active ingredients which can give us an awesome beauty boost. Want to know how? Read on the rest of the post below and identify those magical beauty benefits of the rosehip oil:

Rosehip Oil

Provides Protection to Skin Cells

Rosehip oil is full of linoleic acid or omega-6 fatty acid. This extremely beneficial unsaturated fatty acid is known to be a vital element of our cell membranes. The oil can produce lots of elastin and collagen in our skin cells and retain their original structures. Also, it can facilitate the functions of cells without causing irritation. In short, the rosehip oil can keep our skin cells intact by providing utmost protection to them.

Treats Dry and Flaky Skin

When it comes to turning the dry and flaky skin into a soft and smooth one, the rosehip oil can be considered as an effective solution. The oleic acid or omega-9 fatty acid present in this oil helps in balancing the water content of the cells as well as keeping the skin soft and supple. Hence, dry-skinned beauties should definitely opt for it.

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Acts as a Natural Moisturizer

As said, the rosehip oil plays a vital role in hydrating our skin cells. It also contains linolenic acid or omega-3 fatty acid, which is another essential fatty acid that helps retain the natural moisture of our skin cells and keep them moist all the time. It means, the oil can be used as a wonderful natural moisturizer.

Offers Great Sun Protection

Pure rosehip oil is also able to give you excellent protection from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. If you need to stay in the sun for long time, make sure that you apply it all over the exposed areas of your skin in order to steer clear of sun spots, sun burns, tan, etc.

Rosehip Oil

Prevents Premature Ageing

Regular application of the rosehip oil can give you a pretty and youthful skin by putting a stop to premature ageing. Several researches have proved this oil to be rich in vitamin C, carotenoid (lycopene), beta-carotene, and loads of other antioxidants, which combat harmful free radicals to give us a spotless, wrinkle-free and fine lines-free skin. In other words, the rosehip oil drives away all signs of aging and keeps you young for longer time.

Keeps Breakouts at Bay

If you suffer from frequent breakouts, the rosehip oil can be a savior for you. Being a light-weight oil, it gets absorbed by the skin almost instantly without leaving any residue. As the skin does not become oily and the number of pores is minimized by using this oil, you can expect significantly lesser breakouts.

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Treats Scars and Marks

The rosehip oil is highly effective in fading away all types of spots, marks and scars from your skin. Be it the recently developed blemishes or a year-long ugly scar, this oil can reduce their appearance on your face and enhance the quality of your skin gradually. It has also seen that the rosehip oil can eliminate the signs of stretch marks completely.

So, just switch to the rosehip oil today and get a healthy and bright skin!

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