How to Rock The Minimalist Trend?

Quite often it happens that in our course to be chic and stylish, we wear outfits either in many layers or dawn it with accessories of many kind. With that we tend to take away our individuality and it doesn’t help us in being any different from the crowd. You can easily do away with this with the recent birth of the trend that will change the course of fashion and couture forever- with  ‘Minimalist Trend’. As the name says, the minimalist trend is all about subtlety that is making sure everything is to a much needed minimum. It might be difficult for you to spot all that glitter and unnecessary shimmery drama here, what you will spot though, just clean cut fabrics that shine through, too! Luckily for you, we are here to give you a few tips as to how to rock this particular trend:

How to Rock The Minimalist Trend?

 Keep it simple, silly! Make sure that whatever you do, don’t forget to keep your outfit simple, reflecting you in every aspect, definitely not overshadowing any one part of it and not overly detailed. Minimalistic trend is all about expressing yourself through prints, patterns or colours that add just the right amount of glamour without going overboard. The whole point of this trend is to  go easy on yourself and let your outfit do the talking.

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2. Keep Accessories inaccessible

Though we are all aware of just how accessories can liven up an outfit by their presence, while trying to ace the minimalist trend, it would be better if there weren’t any accessories visible. Follow the no accessories rule and therefore, by not adding on some accessories that will just make the outfit brighter and more attractive looking, you will not take away the whole purpose of it. Hence, try to avoid those dangling earrings, chains, bracelets in all those rainbow colours as much as possible.

Minimalist Trend

3. Neutrally naked

Monochromatic outfits will always win over flashy ones when it comes to being minimal. What is of utmost significance here is that you need to keep everything that you wear moreover confined to solid, neutral hues. Keeping things subtle always works, doesn’t it?Trying that out with your outfit only explains further how it works wonders. Neutral bases are easy to wear, comfortable on the eye as well as they look great! A fabulous wear, that’s not only easy on the eyes but also feels comfortable just like the a second skin, for whatever is the occasion.

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4. Layers, not so much.

Remember not to use so much of those layers that we normally tend to see in our everyday outfits. One should realise that there’s a reason why there are so many restrictions on this trend and why it asks for only the very minimal ones that will look best. For your own good, try not to complicate your look by adding too many pieces to it and bulk it up with so many layers that you yourself aren’t sure of any one. It’s recommended to carry off this trend style your outfit in a single layer.


5. Clean cut and structure

Only when you understand the purpose of wearing minimal clothes will you be able to reason out with yourself about the clean-cut, structured form of dressing that one absolutely needs to have in his life.  This is essential as it not only provides a strong base to the outfit with its perfect structure that goes only too well with the theme, but also gives a sharp, neutral look to the eye that marks the victory of the trend.

There it is, a few tips as to how to rock this minimalist trend that celebrities have been seen gracefully carrying off on the red carpet and models on the runway.

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