Remove Moles naturally using these Home Remedies

There are many women who would kill to have a mole right above their lips since in such a case, it comes to be known as a beauty spot and makes them appear more attractive. But then, there are many who have a mole right there and think it makes them look bad and want to get rid of it. So if you have a beauty spot or a mole elsewhere in the body that you want to get rid of, rather than trying to take to surgery to remove moles, you can try some natural remedies at home to help diminish the size of the mole or make it fade away. We give you a few tips here.


Before that, lets try to understand what a mole is.  A mole is a kind of lesion in the skin that is composed of a kind of cell called a melanocyte. A mole can be sub-dermal (under the skin) or above the skin in the form of a pigmented spot. They start appearing on the body during the childhood and diminish once you cross middle age. It is the result of congregation of the melanin in your body, produced by hyperactive melanocytes. If you are fair skinned, you can spot on an average about 25 moles in your body. But if you have a visible mole that looks unsightly on your face, then we tell you some home remedies that can help you remove moles.

  • In half a cup of hot water, add a tsp of apple cider vinegar. Wet a cotton ball in this mixture and apply it on the mole. Leave it for ten minutes and reapply again with some fresh solution. Now wash it off after another ten minutes. Repeatedly doing this helps in removal of the mole.

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  • A mixture of a tsp of baking soda with a few drops of castor oil, in the form of a fine paste must be applied on the mole. Leave it on the skin until it dries out and then wash it off. Repeat for a week to get results.

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  • If you can bear the smell of garlic on your skin, then crush a pod of garlic and bandage it to your skin, over the mole. Leave it overnight. Repeat this every night for a week and the mole will fall off.
  • After consuming bananas, do not throw away its peel. Rub the inside of a banana peel on the mole. Reapply every time it dries off in the skin. Bandage the inside of a banana peel to your skin around the mole overnight. Doing this repeatedly will loosen the mole and it will slowly disappear.

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  • Rubbing a slice of pineapple on the mole is also said to be a remedy to remove moles. Cut a slice of pineapple out and keep it on your skin for about ten minutes. Now rub it gently against the skin and wash your face after the juices dry out. Repeat until you see results.
  • Applying a mask of cashewnut paste is also said to lighten the melanin in the mole and helps fade away the mark.

If you have a mole that enhances your beauty, cherish it. If you do not like your mole, then rather than going under the knife, try these home remedies.

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