Most Reliable Ways to Cover Gray Hair and Age ‘Secretly’

You leave no stone unturned for getting dazzling skin and gorgeous hair. But those gray hairs! Do they make you feel ashamed each time you see yourself in the mirror? Well, let us tell you about the most reliable ways to cover gray strands and age quite secretly. Read on:

Most Reliable Ways to Cover Gray Hair and Age ‘Secretly’

For People with Minimum Grays

If most of your hair is still pigmented and you are worried about those few gray strands only, then choosing inexpensive at-home remedies over those pricey salon solutions will be better for you. Following are the options to rely on:

1. Apply Vegetable Dyes

Henna is the most common vegetable dye that is widely used by people with very fewer gray strands. Being a chemical-free substance, it is considered healthier than all those readymade hair dying agents. However, the color (usually bright orange, orange or orange-brown) resulting from a henna application might not be pleasant enough and you can’t alter the shade by applying an oxidative product over it for at least 8 to 10 weeks.

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2. Dye Individual Gray

If you want to avoid the messy and gooey application of henna, opt for dying individual gray strands. It is not only a cheaper alternative, but also quite hassle-free and less time-consuming than the whole head covering. Make sure that the color of the dye matches your normal hair color in order to get a natural look.

3. Purchase Home Coloring Kit

In case you want to achieve salon-like covering of gray hairs by skipping actual visit to salons, buy an effective home hair coloring kit. You can find them in the form of advanced mousse, which can simply be massaged in the hair to cover all the grays by inducing a translucent effect.

  • For 20% or more grays: Go for some ‘permanent’ colors instead of ‘semi-permanent’ ones in order to enjoy long-lasting effects. Pick one shade matching your natural hair color (for hair shafts and ends) and another darker shade (for covering gray hair roots).
  • For less than 20% grays: Choose a temporary color that stays only up to a few washes and then fades away gradually. Pick a shade that almost matches your natural hair color so that you get a perfect covering.

Most Reliable Ways to Cover Gray Hair and Age ‘Secretly’

4. Use Hair Darkening Products

Usually, the hair coloring agents or dyes readily available in the market contain harmful chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. If you want to give them a miss, decide on something gentler like ‘Grecian’. It is known to darken gray hairs by working with oxygen.

For People with Maximum Grays

Well, people with lots of gray hairs should visit a salon and consult a pro. Only an experienced colorist can help you in your way to cover all gray strands and get bold, lasting hair color. Permanent highlights and lowlights are the most effective solutions for this purpose. Check out below:

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5. Get Permanent Highlights and Lowlights

Your hairdresser might prepare your hair with a peroxide solution prior to starting the actual process of coloring. It will make your cuticles more capable of absorbing the color. Opt for highlights by getting your hair colored at your entire crown area, both sides and the portion around the part. It will reduce the total amount of highlights, which is undoubtedly easier to maintain. You can rely on the following suggestions for the best results:

  • If you have a dark hair, do not color your grays jet black or dark brown. Rather, choose a mid-brown or ash-brown for a softer and more natural-looking covering.
  • In case you are a blonde, your choice of shades for highlights and lowlights should be medium blonde, beige or light pink.
  • For people with white hair, the grays can be covered with red tones, such as deep burgundy, light copper, etc.
  • Black lowlights can make your gray strands look ash streaks, which is of course a better choice.

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