Rejuvenate With Ayurveda Music Therapy

The healing powers of the countless combinations of the seven notes of music have been known to man since time immemorial. In Ayurveda, music is not only used as a pleasant medium of communication but also as a very powerful healing experience. The Ayurveda music therapy is unique. It specialises in the use of music for the treatment of both mental disabilities and physical discomfort.

Ayurveda Music Therapy

The benefits of Ayurveda Music Therapy

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach and promotes the improvement in the quality of life by following a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. Music has always been a part of this age old system of medical science. Promoting the use of music as an Ayurvedic therapy is primarily due to its qualities like

  • The stimulation of the pituitary gland which, in turn, benefits the nervous system as well as the blood flow in the body.
  • The deliberate vibration of body cells helps to change the consciousness of a sick person thereby promoting good health.
  • It is relaxing and refreshing and helps to alleviate tiredness and fatigue.
  • It has a profound effect on negative personality traits like anger, jealousy, worry etc., thereby making one a better person in the process
  • While working, it has also been found to improve the efficiency of a person thereby improving his output.
  • It helps to reduce the formation of headaches, abdominal pains etc., which generally result from tension induced indigestion.
  • It provides a subtle outlet for our emotions thereby effectively controlling them in the process.
  • It helps to normalise the blood pressure of a person by making it easier for him to cope with tensions and pressures of everyday life.
  • It also improves liver functions and also helps to induce sleep in people suffering from insomnia.
  • It has also been known to have a positive effect on people suffering from neurological disorders like epilepsy and schizophrenia.

To get the best out of this type of music therapy the following points have to be kept in mind

  • Time for this therapy ideally is early morning or dawn, dusk or early evening and late night
  • Never go for long sessions of this therapy on empty stomach
  • Short breaks should be regularly taken in between

The Different Ragas and The Diseases They Cure

Ragas are melodies created by the permutations and combinations of the swars or the notes of music. They are very closely influenced, affected and related to

  • The time of the day when they are sung or heard
  • Seasonal changes as well as
  • Emotional state of the person singing or listening to the ragas.

The symphony of these ragas helps to bring about a balance in the human body by enabling the flow of positive energy from the nature into the human body. Some of the ragas and the diseases they help to cure are

  • Ahir bhairav, indigestion, hypertension and rheumatism
  • Bageshri, insomnia
  • Basant bahar, cholecystitis or gall stones
  • Chandrakauns, anorexia
  • Darbari kanada, headache and asthma
  • Gujari todi, cough
  • Hindol, rheumatism, spondylitis and backache
  • Jaunpuri, flatulence, diarrhoea and constipation
  • Khamaj, sleep disorders etc.

With countless other ragas offering a cure for some ailment or the other, it is virtually impossible to have a disease which is not benefitted by the action of their musical notes. The Ayurveda music therapy is, by far, the best way to lead a good healthy and happy life.

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