Radiant Summer Skin with Simple Homemade Scrubs

Come summer and you find your skin dull and dry. Your once glowing and healthy winter skin vanishes in the wake of summer. It is more so because of the scorching summer heat, which dehydrates your skin leaving it parched. Also because of the dead skin which remains on your skin makes it appear gloomy.

Nevertheless, it is possible to have a shiny and moisturised look in summer too by exfoliating your skin. By exfoliating your skin with scrubs you can get rid of dead cells, keep your skin pores clean and increase the blood circulation.

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Of course, we do not suggest you to rush to your beauty clinic. But you can try some homemade and simple scrubs which can exfoliate your skin giving you the desired lustre and charm.

Natural Scrubs Which Will Give You A Glowing Skin

Nature has remedy for all of our problems. So, here we present some natural ingredients which are easily available at your home to exfoliate your skin

1. Honey And Sugar Scrub:

honey sugar scrub

Honey is not considered as god’s nectar just like that. It contains enzyme properties which moisturizes your skin and also keeps it acne free. While sugar has a natural tendency to clean your skin pores. All you have to do is mix natural honey and raw sugar crystals to make a fine paste. Then scrub it on your face. Wash after some time and you will find an instant glow on your skin.

2. Yoghurt And Lemon Scrub:

Beauty benefits of Curd/ Yoghurt

Yoghurt is not only good for health but it is great for your skin too. It is suitable for all skin types and contains lactic acid which helps in making your skin tone uniform. Take some yoghurt and add few drops of lemon juice in it and gently massage your skin with it. Wash it with warm water after some time and what you get will be a smooth and shiny skin.

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3.  Oatmeal and buttermilk Scrub:

Oatmeal and yoghurt scrub

Oatmeal may create wonders with your body by reducing your cholesterol levels. At the same time its non-inflammatory property can serve as a gentle moisturiser for your skin. Simply grind the oatmeal in a semi powder form and add buttermilk and few drops of honey to prepare a fine paste. Apply on your skin and rinse it with warm water. Your skin will be resplendent with natural shine.

4. Rose Petal Scrub:

You cannot forget the cold and soothing feeling of rose petals in summer. There are many beauty products available in market with rose ingredients, but you can also make a rose petal scrub at home without any hassle. You have to soak rose petals for at least half an hour prior to using it. Then crush its petals and mix it with ground oats to make a paste. Apply on your skin and wash with milk. You are bound to get compliments for excellent skin results.

5.  Papaya Scrub:

Papaya for Skin Whitening
Papaya not only helps in making your skin tone even but it also removes dead skin and makes your skin look nourished and moisturised. Make sure when you select a papaya is not completely ripe but a bit green. Mash its pulp and apply on your face. Then wash after some time to witness natural glow and shine on your face.

These were the few homemade scrubs to lighten up your face. But remember, as they are natural you should always prepare in small quantity and use it fresh. It is not advisable to preserve it.

We hope by trying this you get excellent results on your skin and less stress on your pockets!!

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