Quirky Hair Colour Trends Pinterest is Swooning by

We all are so used to referring the internet, be it for online shopping or simple makeup tutorials. With social networks like Pinterest, scouting popularity for any trend is a click away. We got clicking to look for quirky hair colour trends Pinterest is swooning by. If you too are looking to spot one of these, the options are varied and you will only be amused with the choices you will have to yourself to opt for. Let’s get looking for Quirky Hair Colour Trends Pinterest is Swooning by.

Quirky Hair Colour Trends Pinterest is Swooning by

Plain Funky Hair Colours: We have seen the red and blues as hair colours often, but now the hair are getting strokes of colours like silk green, rainbow and even a yellow. Talk of a colour and you may find a hair colour already in the market for it. A fast catching trend, it’s funky and definitely a new look to replace your boring black or brown hair.

Green Hair: Green coloured hair for the bold and beautiful. It is alluring and a velvety touch refines it all. It goes best with curls and drop ends.

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Dark Highlights: Hair shines the best when coloured perfectly and comes under spotlight. It makes you looks gorgeous. Dark Highlights of blue, teal, purple and green shades colours, are extremely popular with people on Pinterest. Dark highlights do add up brightness to the hair, we cannot deny that.

Pastel Hair Colours

Pastel Hair Colours: With a mixture of blue, green and purple hair colour, pastel hair colour gives the ocean effect and is best suited for an outing on the beach or even otherwise. Subtle in effect to its darker hues, they make up for great alternatives to the normal hair colour hues.

Go all Red: Red is the challenger to every trending hair colour. Deck up the red colour anywhere –  dress, lips or hair, it gives a sassy and empress look. It is best suited for both official events and off-parties. This year, we can see a range of amazing soft to deep ends. All you need to do is to find the right shade which compliments your style.

Blue and Purple Ombré

Blue and Purple Ombré: A great colour option for anyone, this hair colour shows no sign of warning and is incredibly hot. It goes well on fluffy hair and shines bright when let loose. They are perfect shades for an Ombré effect.

Pink and Purple Hair Colour: This combination of hair color is cool and frivolous. It goes best with brunettes and it takes a minute to have a brush all over your hair. If you do not care what the world think, can strut anything with confidence, This hair colour is your match.

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Peacock inspired colours: A combination of all the shades of sea-green colours like blue, green, parrot-green, lemon-yellow. It translates the peacock body colours aptly on your hair. Colour them all in order to get a lustrous and feminine look for your hair.

Rainbow Effect

Rainbow Effect: As the rainbow shows a plate of 7 different colours, you can create a rainbow in hair itself. Punk colours, bright hair colour, summer vivid, pink, green, go as colour as you like with this hair colour trend.

We know we have got you thinking on which colour to choose? They are all so pretty and gorgeous we are already coveting all of them.

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