Quick Home Remedy to Get Rid of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are common problems for both women and men but, for women, it is a beauty assassin. The problem can be seriously painful too, especially during winters. Luckily, there are several home remedies for chapped lips and guess what? All of them are too easy to apply with quick results. Here are a few of these home remedies:

Lemon and Honey Miracle

Simple! Take 3-4 drops of honey and equal number of drops of lemon juice and mix them well. Simply smear the mixture on your lips and go to bed. Wake up to find beautiful lips. If one application isn’t enough, try for a few days and your chapped lips should heal completely.

Chapped Lips

Blessings of Aloe Vera

If you have been ignoring this gift of nature, you have been playing wrong. Aloe Vera is a wonder plant with numerous healing properties and it won’t ignore your lips either. Take the Aloe Vera gel out of its leaf and rub it on your lips. It is a natural moisturizer. Leave it overnight and feel the difference next morning.

Honey and Lemon with Others

Honey and lemon taken together are an effective team in fighting chapped lips. However, you can do a little more. Add a few drops of glycerin and a few drops of orange juice to honey and lemon combo and apply every night for a few nights before going to bed. In 3-4 days, you will have a perfectly kissable pair of lips.

Water for Your Lips

Yes! Simple water can heal your chapped lips. Take some warm water and dip a cotton ball in it and compress your lips with the soaked cotton ball for 2-3 minutes before you go to bed. You will fall in love with your lips in the morning.

Healing Properties of Natural Oil

Some natural oils have amazing moisturizing properties. For instance, coconut and olive oil are natural moisturizers and so is the castor oil. Simply smear your lips with any of these oils and leave overnight for the miracle to happen.

Even Your Lip Gloss Can Help

Mix some lip gloss and a couple of pinch of sugar in a small bowl and smear it on your lips before you hit the bed. The gloss will actually prevent moisture of your lips from escaping while the sugar helps in repairing the lips by exfoliating your lips. Though you can keep it overnight with safety, it is a good practice to rinse off your lips after 10 minutes and then applying some natural oil to moisturize your lips through the night.

The Must Do Things!

  • Never ever forget to keep yourself hydrated. Chapped lips are primarily caused by dehydration. Drink 3 liters (equivalent to 8 glasses) of water every day even during the winters. There is no better way to keep your body and your lips hydrated than to drink water. Make sure that you prevent yourself from drinking too much water in too little time. Too much of anything is not good and it holds true for water too! Drinking too much water in too little time can lead to water intoxication.
  • Increase the amount of those fruits and vegetables in your diet that will reduce the acidic environment in your body and restore the alkaline state or pH level of your body. People with excess acidity also face the problem of chapped lips.
  • During the day, use a chemically naïve and mild lip balm to cover your lips and prevent dehydration.

The Must Avoid Things!

  • Never use lip balms with too many chemicals.
  • Never lick your lips during winter. The more you lick, the faster the dehydration occurs.
  • Never eat too much acidic food. For instance, the more you treat your taste buds with fast food, the worse the situation becomes for you and your lips.

Your beautiful lips magnify your beauty. Don’t ignore them and don’t mistreat them. You can cure them and prevent the recurrence of chapped lips with simple do’s and don’ts. Take care!

Sankalan Baidya

Sankalan specializes in health and nutrition. He is an avid reader of recent medical researches and loves to explore the hidden treasures of nature and share his knowledge with others.

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