Purify Your Skin with Bentonite Clay Face Mask

Face masks have always been a girl’s best friend. No matter where we are, using masks tenders us a radiant clean and glowing face. Some masks not only give instant radiance but when used regularly can help us with acne too. We all have dealt with acne at some point in life. Acne and skin eruptions can drive the hell out of you and you would just do anything to get them out of your face, right? But what can you do to eliminate them, especially when we have so many products available from so many brands; you obviously want the best possible remedy! But you cannot just go and try each and every beauty product that promises you to kick out the acne.

Bentonite Clay Face Mask

In that bargain you could end up getting more of them on your skin. So getting the right kind of product is very crucial and that’s why we are here, we will guide you with the best possible products that clarify the skin and prevent all kind of skin breakouts. All this you can achieve by using a clay mask and that too a homemade one! You might have heard about clay but ever heard about Bentonite clay? Well, that’s what our miracle product is and we will tell you the benefits of Bentonite clay mask today.

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All about Bentonite Clay

Bentonite is also called Montmorillonite, this clay is apparently unique as it has the ability to induce “electrical charge” when hydrated. Bentonite clay is basically green clay that eliminates the toxins from your skin. It softens the skin and makes it smooth and radiant too. The main property of Bentonite clay however is its anti-inflammatory properties. Bentonite Clay can very well suck out the acne causing bacteria from your skin. So by using this mask you will get refreshed, purified and soft skin. Okay, with all the explanation given let us get to know how to make the mask on our own.

Bentonite clay mask for normal skin:


  • Bentonite clay- 1 tbsp.
  • Water- 1 tbsp
  • Tea tree oil- 2-3 drops

Method: Take a bowl and put Bentonite clay, water and tea tree oil into it. Mix all the ingredients. Now apply this mixture on your face, make sure a thin layer is applied and leave the mask to dry for 5-10 minutes. While the mask is drying, you will feel a pulling sensation; this means that your skin is tightening which is a good thing. Once done, wash off the mask and discover the result for yourself.

Bentonite clay mask recipe for dry skin:


  • Bentonite clay- 1 tbsp
  • Oatmeal (powdered) – 1/2 tsp
  • Milk powder- 1 tbsp
  • Raw milk to blend

Method: Take a bowl and put the ingredients into it one by one. Mix them well with raw milk. Raw milk provides the nourishment for the skin. Apply the Bentonite clay mask on the face and neck and leave it for maximum ten minutes and wash off with warm water.

Bentonite clay mask for oily skin:

  • Bentonite Clay- 1 tbsp
  • Essential oil (your choice) – 1 drop
  • Water- 1tbsp
  • Honey- 5 drops

Method: Into a bowl, add the ingredients and mix well. Smear your face and neck with the mask making a thin layer. Leave the mask for 10 minutes and then wash off.

Bentonite clay mask for combination skin:

  • Bentonite clay- 1 tbsp
  • Milk cream- 1 tbsp
  • Honey- 5 drops
  • Essential oil- 1 drop

Method: Take a clean bowl, put all the given ingredients and mix them well. Apply it in a thin layer on your face and neck. After ten minutes, wash off the mask with warm water.


After you wash off the mask, make sure you apply moisturizer on your face as this mask can leave your skin dry.

There might be a slight redness on the skin after the mask is removed, but there is nothing to worry, it just means that your skin is thoroughly cleansed. The redness will vanish within half an hour.

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