How to Prepare for Hair Transplant Surgery

After discussions with your surgeon, if you decide on going in for a hair transplant surgery, then you would need to follow certain dos and don’ts in order to prepare for hair transplant surgery. While your surgeon will outline them for you, we decided to give you a comprehensive list for your reference. We have categorized the instructions as a countdown to the surgery so that you know when to start following each of these instructions as your prepare for hair transplant surgery.

Preparing for your Hair Transplant Surgery 

hair transplant surgery

Two Weeks Before the Surgery

Stop Smoking: Stop smoking at least two weeks prior to the surgery since smoking can delay the healing of the surgical wounds. Smoking also curtails the blood flow to the skin and the scalp which may mar the final result of the surgery.

Massage your scalp: Massage your scalp every night with a light oil like coconut oil or almond oil. This will improve circulation, help you relax and also cause hair growth in the healthy hair follicles.

Get tested: If you are above 45 years of age, then it is advisable to get a round of tests to check your ECG, Blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Run the results through the surgeon to make sure you have a go ahead to undergo the surgery on the appointed date.

No blood thinners: Do not take any blood thinners two weeks before the surgery as they may cause too much bleeding and interfere with the surgery.

Do not cut your hair: Stop trimming your hair when you have two weeks left for the surgery. The surgeon would shave a small portion of your scalp during the surgery in order to harvest follicles, but that is done on the day of the surgery. It is best to let your hair grow so that the length can help conceal any scar left behind by the incision during the surgery.

Hair Loss Medication: You may be advised to apply medication like minoxidil  to curb the hair loss.

One week before the surgery

No Alcohol: Stop consumption of alcohol one week prior to the procedure.

No sun exposure: Your scalp should not be sun burnt when you go in for the surgery. So make sure that you carry an umbrella or wear a hat when you step out so that you can avoid exposing your scalp directly to the sun.

Stop supplements: Your surgeon will instruct you to stop any vitamin supplements or antibiotics that you are taking.

Three days before the surgery

Hair Dye: In case you are going in for a robotic treatment to harvest the follicles and you have grey hair, you will be advised to dye your hair brown or black three days before the surgery to make it easier for the robot to identify the hair follicles.

On the day of the surgery

Wash hair: On the day of the surgery, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Do not use any hair products like a leave on conditioner or serum or gel on the hair.

Avoid caffeine: Do not consume any coffee before the surgery. Have a light breakfast/ lunch.

Arrange for transport: Since you will be groggy from the anesthesia and will have bandages around your head, arrange for someone to drive you back home after the surgery.

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