Points To Know Before You Select the Right Shampoo

Picking up a shampoo has become such a tough job these days, simply because there are so many varieties that instead of making it easier, it has made things more difficult for us. There are shampoos for dry, oily, split ends, strengthening, hydrating, straightening, curling and the list is just endless. It can be one tough job to settle down on the best shampoo for your hair. If you are one of those facing this dilemma, then do not worry, we will sort out things for you and help you to find out which shampoo is the best shampoo for you.

Select the right Shampoo

What does the shampoo do?

The main use of a shampoo is to clean the dirt, grime, oil as well as the hair products present in the hair and the scalp. Although shampoo is meant to clean the hair, while buying a shampoo you need to consider the scalp rather than the hair.

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Factors to consider while selecting a shampoo

1. Scalp comes first: Always consider your scalp while buying a shampoo and not the hair alone. Taking care of the scalp is very important to have a healthy hair. For instance: If your scalp is oily and your hair is dry, you can pick a shampoo meant for oily scalp and you can use a conditioner meant for softening on your hair. This will take care of your issues.

2. Acidity: The scalp has a pH level higher than that of the rest of the hair which is around 5. In case you use a shampoo having a different pH level then it can make the hair follicles brittle and snap, making the hair look thin and dull. For this you need to check for the brand that mentions its pH level and you might have to try out certain shampoos to ultimately conclude the one with the right pH level that contributes healthy shine to your hair.

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3. Number of times you use a shampoo: Consider the number of times per week you wash your hair with shampoo. If you wash your hair regularly with shampoo then you can go for an everyday shampoo but that will be milder as opposed to other shampoos. A shampoo that suggests 2 or 3 times a week will definitely be much stronger comparatively.

4. Check the ingredients: This one is very important! We need to know what we are feeding our scalp, other than that you should see if you are allergic to any products because otherwise your scalp would start itching badly. If you have thin hair, you can check for silicone or dimethicone in the ingredients as it renders the much needed shine and it layers the hair too.

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5. Check for the shampoos based on magic ingredients: Some of the shampoos are exclusively made of some ingredients that work like magic on the hair. We are talking about Aloe Vera, green tea, jojoba oil etc. These ingredients are excellent for scalp health and will make your hair naturally healthy and shiny.

6. Focus on your requirement: How do you want your hair to be? What are the issues related to your hair? Most of the shampoos specify as to what it is best for; therefore it is not a tough job to select the one you need. Do not compromise on the quality in terms of a brand as ultimately your hair will bear the consequence.

7. Read the instructions: Not all shampoos will have the same instructions; therefore you will need to read the instructions carefully before you use the shampoo. Certain shampoos will require you to use cold water to rinse the hair in order to activate the ingredients.

So selecting a shampoo is just a matter of some intelligent thinking and not a tough job overall. Understand the need of your scalp and hair well and select the brand that stands for quality.

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