Pick Burdock Root Tea for a Healthy Life

Burdock root must be just a random root for you, but not once you read this article! The miraculous benefits of Burdock root will be revealed for you and i am sure this burdock root will get the complete attention it always deserved.

Burdock Root Tea

Burdock Root Tea

Burdock root is taproot of the burdock plant. This vegetable is known to have several medicinal benefits. The Japanese and the Chinese have been since long using this burdock root to benefit from its so many uses. Burdock root is used to cure many ailments as well as health issues however its main benefit which sets it apart is definitely the fact that it cleanses the blood by eliminating the toxins from the blood. Basically the burdock root can be used in many ways even raw, however the most different and tastiest form is the burdock root tea and that’s what we will be highlighting today.

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Preparation of Burdock tea:

Take around 2 to 6 gm. of burdock root and put them in 2 cups of hot water for 15 to 20 minutes. For sweetening it add honey or sugar as per preference. You can also add lemon to enhance the taste.

Burdock Root Tea

Health benefits of burdock tea:

Good for digestion: The main benefit of having burdock tea is its quality of fighting digestive issues. It mainly conditions the digestive tract by cleansing the intestine by flushing out the toxins. Burdock root tea is even great for people suffering from gastrointestinal issues like acid reflux or IBS, it decreases its affect. Apart from this burdock tea is useful to increase the appetite.

Blood sugar: Burdock root tea consumption helps in bringing down the blood sugar level.

Removes the toxins: Burdock root tea helps in eliminating the toxins accumulated in the kidney, urinary tract, intestine as well as liver.

Relieves PMS symptoms: Premenstrual syndrome invites irritations in many women, these issues can be eased out by having burdock tea.

Eases eczema: Burdock root tea is great for skin irritations particularly eczema. It soothes the irritation, all you need to do is soak a cotton pad in burdock root tea, which is devoid of any kind of sweeteners and then place it on the affected area. This will ensure that the irritation is reduced.

Boosts immunity: Studies have found out that consuming burdock tea will help in increasing the immunity of an individual and that happens because burdock tea boosts the resistance power of the body towards bacteria and it also grants antioxidants.

Reduces the chances of cancer: Regular intake of burdock root tea is said to decrease the chances of getting certain cancers.

Good at healing kidney disorders: Consuming burdock root tea helps in healing many kidney disorders.

Rheumatism: Regular consumption of burdock root tea can help in fighting against rheumatism.

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Other than these burdock tea can help you fight against severe cough and also irritations associated with pulmonary tract. Since the burdock root tea is also known to have antimicrobial agents, it will be of great help in bringing down the chances of liver damage. Other than all these things, burdock tea is known to be great for skin as well as for diabetes patients.

With all these benefits packed into one, does it not make it worthy of all the praise in the world? So many people have got hooked up to this tea for the sake of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Burdock tea is generally good for everyone; however it is not advisable for pregnant women. The reason being, it could induce contractions which might result in early childbirth. Burdock root tea is available quite easily, therefore get your cup of burdock root tea today and experience a healthy and a good lifestyle easily.

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