How to Part Your Hair the Most Flattering Way?

When it comes to styling the hair the most flattering way, an up-to-date cut is not all that you need. If you keep parting your locks in the same spot and moreover if you keep doing it the wrong way, looking gorgeous will remain as a simple daydream for you. It is important that you choose your part carefully by considering both the shape of your face and the texture of your hair in order to bring the most natural beauty out of you. Let us help you in your way:

How to Part Your Hair the Most Flattering Way?

Part Your Hair as per Your Face Shape

1. Round Face

If you have a round or circular face, a simple part in the middle of the head is enough to make you look good. If you want to try something different from this ideal style, go for a deep side part. These are the ways to add length to your round face and create a perfect symmetry around it. Also, keep the number of layers limited to your hairstyle so that it appears slim.

How to Part Hair for Round Face

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2. Square Face

In case you have a square-shaped face, a slightly off-center part or a neatly made side part complemented with long side-swept bangs will be the best for you. It will add a touch of softness to your look, while covering your wide forehead partially and balancing your angled jawline perfectly. Make sure that you stay away from deep side part in order to suppress your angular facial structure.

How to Part Hair for Square Face

3. Oval Face

An oval-shaped face is considered as the ideal for experimenting with almost any type of part. Be it a center part, a side part or a deep side part, if you are a girl with an oval face, you will be able to pull off all of these easily. Just be creative with your parts and rock your hairstyles.

How to Part Hair for Oval Face

4. Heart-Shaped Face

Those who have heart-shaped faces should mostly stick to a deep side part. Strong cheek bones and a pointy chin are the prominent features of this face shape and hence, parting the hair deeply to one side can be of great help. It will add softness to your cheek bones and break up your chin line in such a way that you will look stunning without zero effort.

How to Part Hair for Heart Shaped Face

5. Diamond-Shaped Face

If you have a diamond-shaped face, try to stay away from middle parts as much as possible. Rather, opt for a simple side part and give a boost to your look by flattering your facial bone structure. A short hairstyle with a long side bang is something that will make you look amazing.

How to Part Hair for Diamond Shaped Face

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Part Your Hair as per Its Texture

  • Fine Hair: Part your fine and limp hair deeply to one side in order to add volume to the roots. It will give an illusion of having thicker and fuller hair easily.
  • Thick Hair: A slightly off-center part is the best for thick hair with voluminous texture. It will help you hide all the asymmetries in your face and enhance your look dramatically.
  • Curly Hair: Just don’t worry about your part. Let your curls be wild and stay undone. A casual as well as a little messy look will make you stand apart from others.

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