How Olive Oil can give you Beautiful Skin

Olive oil is obtained from olives, which are generally grown in the Mediterranean region. They have recently gained popularity worldwide for their health benefits.

olive oil

Olive oil comes in many grades, notable among them are:

  • Extra virgin olive oil that has superior taste and 0.8% acidity. It should not be heated since it has a low smoking point. It is consumed raw.
  • Virgin olive oil that has acidity less than 1.5%.
  • Pure olive oil that is a blend of virgin oil and refined oil.
  • Pomace oil, which is used only for cooking.

Extra virgin olive oil is considered to be the purest form of olive oil. It has a high percentage of linoleic acids, oleic acids and palmitic acids. These penetrate the skin and nourish it. It is also rich in polyphenols that are anti-oxidants. They help in replenishing the skin and also protecting it from UV rays. The other variety of olive oil in India, that is sold as Pure olive oil, contains smaller percentages of these substances.

olive oil

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Benefits of olive oil:

1. They are rich in anti-oxidants that help in replenishing the skin. Regular massage with olive oil can nourish the skin and help in its rejuvenation.

2. The polyphenols in olive oil fight the free radicals in our body and help in reducing the signs of aging.

3. Most moisturizers contain olive oil. However, rather than buying a moisturizer, that also has other chemicals, mix olive oil with a few drops of your favourite essential oil for a great natural moisturizer, especially for really dry skin. Massage your face, hands and legs with olive oil and bid dry skin goodbye!

4. The squalene in olive oil helps prevent acne, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

5. Olive oil is non comedogenic. As a result, massaging it on the face will not clog pores and make your face oily. On the contrary, it will moisturize your skin to the optimum level such that your skin does not need to produce any extra oil.

6. The polyphenols in olive oil help cure the damage from UV rays.

7. Olive oil will not break you out, since it is great for sensitive skin. So you really do not have to think twice before using this as a moisturizer for your skin.

8. Olive oil is known to increase the elasticity of the skin. Massage it well to get firm and toned skin.

9. Topically applying olive oil as is, or in combination with cocoa butter can reduce cellulite.

10. Olive oil does not clog pores. In fact, it helps clear out pores. So it is an excellent make up remover.

Now that we have gone over so many ways in which olive oil is beneficial for the skin, let us see how we can incorporate olive oil in our skin care regimen.

1. Bath

Add a few tsp of olive oil in your bath water. This is the easiest way of using olive oil, without the fuss of an oil massage.

2. Scrub

Olive oil makes a wonderful addition to any home-made scrub. Use your exfoliating agent like almond meal or oatmeal and mix it with a few teaspoons of olive oil. It will gently exfoliate your skin and moisturize it alongside.

3. Massage

There is nothing better than an olive oil massage for both adults and kids alike, to get moisturize the whole body. Try it twice a month and see your skin become soft and supple. It also is versatile carrier oil for aromatherapy essential oils.

4. As a moisturizer

Apply olive oil on your body soon after your bath, instead of your regular body lotion. It is all natural and with better moisturizing power too!

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5. Oil-cleansing:

Use olive oil as a cleanser to remove make up from the skin. Another great way to use it is in the oil-cleansing method. In this, you ditch your face wash and soap in favour of oil. During your bath, massage a tsp of olive oil on your face. Dip a towel in hot bath water. Cover your face with it for a few minutes before you gently wipe it off. Hundreds of women have reported that it really works wonders on their skin!

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