All you need to know about the Vampire Facelift

Oh no! There are no Vampires involved in this procedure. Nor does this facelift leave you looking like one. But yes, what it has is the activity Vampires indulge in – sucking blood out of your body. Eeks! you may say, but the Vampire Facelift is the hottest new procedure in town if you want to gift yourself a much younger looking skin at a price upwards of $1000.

So how does Vampire Facelift work?

In order to perform this procedure, about two teaspoon fulls of your blood is drawn out of your arms. Then it is subjected to a chemical treatment after which the plasma that is rich in platelets is separated out. This platelet rich plasma (PRP) is then enriched by adding vital minerals and vitamins to it and it is injected back into the skin that is showing signs of wrinkles. The serum helps in making the skin produce more collagen and that in turn plumps your skin up and removes the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. 

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Vampire Facelift

Is Vampire Facelift safe? 

The facelift uses completely natural ingredients along with your own blood and can be administered on any part of your body, not necessarily just your face. There are many celebrities who have publicly acknowledged having undergone this procedure, because the notion is that, its your own blood that you are using to improve your appearance and it is absolutely fine to do so. And also  it is not considered to be a surgery since all that done is a two step process- removal of blood and enhancing it and injecting it back to the body. The whole procedure lasts about half an hour.

What about the results of the Vampire Facelift?

Effects are apparently seen quickly with the facial volume increasing. The changes in the skin continue to happen for about two to three weeks during which more collagen is produced and the bags under the eyes, the lines in the cheeks and around the mouth vanish. The procedure has seen positive results within a period of three weeks and most people taking it up are upbeat about using their own blood to plump up their face and about their skin tone, complexion and texture improving in just three weeks.

So if it is all great, what is the problem?

The procedure itself is painful. A normal sized face would need about 20-25 injections which can induce a lot of pain. The area under the eyes is also injected with the fluid and that particular injection is said to cause excruciating pain. The face swells up as a result of the injections and the swelling can last a good two days. The area under your eyes has sensitive skin and it can get bruised from the injection. Also, depending on the end result you are looking at, you would need a maximum of three sitting spaced three months apart to a year apart. So the only problem there is to getting the facelift done is how much pain you are willing to bear.

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