All You Need to Know about Siddha Yoga

Siddha Yoga is considered as one of the most practiced yoga forms of these days. It makes use of divine ‘Mantras’ and focuses on breathing technique, which eventually turns our attention inwards. Here is all that you should know about Siddha Yoga including how to practice it successfully and its exclusive benefits:

Siddha Yoga

How to Practice Siddha Yoga

You can practice Siddha yoga twice daily – in the morning and in the evening. Start with constant chanting and follow it by 15 minutes’ meditation. There are 6 major principles of practicing Siddha Yoga. Here are brief details of them:

• Mediation – Meditation is the most vital part of Siddha yoga. You need to start your yoga practice with meditation so that an encouraging mental situation is created and it becomes easy for the Mantras to work effectively.

• Chanting – Chanting Mantras should be done simultaneously while performing meditation. It is considered to be the key to an effective Siddha yoga practice, which triggers the ‘divine cosmic force’ present within our body. Even though the most common mantra used in this type of yoga is ‘Om Namah Shivaya’, you can also focus on ‘Nama Sankirtana’, ‘Gita Patha’, ‘Kundalini Stavaha’, arati, and so on.

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• Seva – ‘Seva’ refers to ‘selfless services’, which is regarded as the best offerings to the God. You can either join a well-known organization to volunteer such works or go to an ashram for practicing this well.

• Dakshina – Siddha yoga practice also include gifting your guru, which is termed as ‘dakshina’. It is nothing but the way to express your gratefulness as well as admiration to your teacher for showing you on the right path of spirituality through proper teachings.

Satsang – This is basically an assembly where a group of people of like-minded people meet each other and carry on devotional talks. You can also meditate, chant and even sing devotional songs during attending satsang.

Intensives – These are also devotional gatherings, which are arranged only twice every year. You should attend these gatherings in order to fuel yourself with spiritual energy.

Siddha Yoga

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Benefits of Practicing Siddha Yoga

Siddha yoga is known worldwide for its excellent benefits. It has been found that the age old practice of this exclusive yoga form can help us awaken our innerselves and identify with the purpose of our lives. Moreover, it can help us get rid of fatal diseases resulted from an unbalanced life. Several other benefits of practicing Siddha yoga are mentioned below:

1. Provides relief from extreme stress, anxiety and depression.

2. Makes us conscious about our entire physical system.

3. Deep breathing stimulates the flow of oxygen throughout the body.

4. Boosts up our metabolism through enhanced oxygen flow.

5. Speeds up the physical healing process and eliminates a number of chronic ailments.

6. Gives us a strong, stable and unbiased mind.

7. Makes us more focused by uplifting our concentration level.

8. Plays a key role in cleansing three vital aspects of a human being, which include ‘body, mind and soul’.

9. Helps in uplifting a person to the highest spiritual level.

10. Helps us achieve optimal health and well-being.

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