All You Need to Know About Laser Combs

Hair loss is one of the biggest concerns of women these days. There are very few treatments that can deal with the issue successfully and ‘Laser Comb’ is considered to be the latest addition to this group. Though this high-tech medical device is mainly available in salons and you need to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy the services, its exclusive hand-held unit has also been launched in the market recently and you can take it home for making the most of it. Let us dig deeper and know everything about the laser combs.

Laser Combs

What is a ‘Laser Comb’?

Laser Comb is basically a laser device of low level. It looks just like a regular hair brush that can be gripped easily for running through the hair. When the hair is brushed with a laser comb, several red beams of low intensity are emitted. These beams of light get in touch with the scalp directly and trigger the growth of fresh new hair, thereby preventing hair thinning and alopecia. The laser comb technology was conceptualized in 1980’s and approved by the FDA in 1990’s.

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What is the Working Procedure of the Laser Comb?

In brief, a laser comb helps in starting over the growth phase of hair and thus keeps the hair cycle going on. When the gentle laser beams come in contact with the scalp, the hair follicles present on it are stimulated significantly, which eventually resumes the ‘growth phase’ of the hair and the production of new hair starts. However, hair fall might go up initially as the hair follicles face a ‘shut down’ to get prepared for the development of the new hair. But it is a temporary condition, which will be over within a couple of months.

Working Procedure of the Laser Comb

Who Can Opt for the Laser Comb?

This advanced device is intended for women who are suffering from excessive hair fall. From short-term hair loss to acute androgenetic alopecia, whatever the condition is, the laser comb can turn out to be a reliable solution for them. However, it is advised that you consult with your physician and use this device along with another oral or topical hair loss treatment.

How to Use the Laser Comb?

To gain the maximum results, you need to undergo at least 2 to 3 sessions of laser combing per week. Each session should be 5 to 10 minutes long.

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Results Obtained from the Laser Comb

As said earlier, you might face an increase in hair fall during the first couple of months of using the Laser Comb. But things will change soon and the situation will turn better within 5 to 10 weeks. As the primary results, your existing hair will become thicker and glossier. However, you have to use the device consistently at least for 6 months in order to notice new hair growth. If you can continue the treatment for 2 whole years, you will get a head full of strong, thick beautiful hair. And the best thing about using a Laser Comb for hair loss is that you do not have to face any adverse side effects.

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