All You Need to Know About Heenara Hair Wash Powder

Treating your hair in Ayurvedic way is one of the most effective forms of hair treatment. And when it comes to choosing the best Ayurvedic hair care product, Heenara Hair Wash Powder launched by Hesh Pharma always comes first. It is a complete natural product that is prepared by combining the purest raw materials. Hence, it is highly effective and absolutely safe. Know more about Heenara Hair Wash Powder here:

Heenara Hair Wash Powder
What is Heenara Hair Wash Powder?

Heenara Hair Wash powder is a natural way to hair care as well as colouring. It does not use any type of synthetic aroma. Henna or mehndi is the major component of this hair wash powder. It not only gives a wonderful natural shade to our hair but also makes it beautiful instantly. The non-animal-tested product contains a total of 14 other natural herbs that are helpful in washing, conditioning, colouring and nourishing our hair efficiently. Being a natural hair cleanser, it does not comprise any type of chemical compounds, which eventually makes our hair shafts smoother, stronger and healthier. The herbal formula of the product is also helpful in managing unruly hair and adding extra shine to it.

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Availability of Heenara Hair Wash Powder

It is available in a pack that weighs approximately 100 grams.
Ingredients of Heenara Hair Wash powder

1. Henna / Mehndi (Lawsonia Inermis) – For colouring and conditioning hair
2. Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) – For treating scalp infection and hair loss; promoting scalp circulation and hair growth
3. Aloe (Aloe Barbadensis) – For moisturizing hair and reducing hair fall
4. Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) – For preventing dandruff, hair loss, and premature graying; making hair thick, strong and dark.
5. Neem (Azadirachta Indica) – For stopping scalp infections like psoriasis, hair thinning, early graying, etc.; making hair shiny and lustrous
6. Shikakai Powder (Acacia Concinna) – For making hair frizz-free and beautiful
7. Fenugreek / Methi (Trigonalafinum Graceum) – For curing, scalp problems, dandruff and hair fall; softening and conditioning hair
8. Harde / Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) – For nourishing and reviving hair
9. Maka / Bhringraj Powder (Eclipta Prostrata) – For treating patterned baldness (caused by scalp infections like dermatitis, eczema, etc.)
10. Beleric / Behada (Terminalia Belerica) – For reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth
11. Chinese Hibiscus / Jaswandh (Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis) – For restoring the natural health and color of hair, treating hair loss, scalp problems, untimely graying, etc.
12. Mandoor Powder (Calcined Ferric Oxide) – For colouring hair and preventing early graying
13. Indian Sandalwood / Chandan (Santalum Album) – For repairing dry and damaged hair; providing moisture to it
14. Kapoor Kachli (Hedychium Spicatum) – For maintaining scalp health and promoting thick strong hair
15. Sweet Orange / Neroli (Citrus Aurantium) – For conditioning and improving scalp circulation; treating dandruff and hair thinning

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Application of Heenara Hair Wash Powder

For general use, pour some Heenara Hair Wash Powder into a small plastic bowl and add some plain water to it so that the mixture turns into a smooth thick paste. But if you want to get intense hair colour, you have to pour the Hair Wash Powder into a small iron bowl, blend it with some tea water, and leave for the entire night. It would help the powder get soaked and release the colour more effectively. Now, apply the paste onto your hair evenly and massage with your fingertips in a circular motion. When the hair is covered completely with the paste, leave it for an hour or so. Finally, rinse thoroughly with fresh cold water.

Following this application method of Heenara Hair Wash Powder will certainly give you long, strong and healthy hair in minutes.

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