Nail Art Designs for Beginners – Pictures and Videos

Gone are the days when you were happy with just one shade on your nails. This is twenty first century – the century of revolutions and enthralling styles. In this century, one of the most sparkling fashion trends is nail art. If you are not too familiar with it, check the post and find some good pictures and videos of nail art designs for beginners –

1. Polka dot nail art – Polka dot is always in vogue and it is easiest too. Know how you can match your nails with your polka dot top… Browse the video and get quick tips to paint bobby prints on your nails.

2. Tricolor nail art with help of stencil – Getting geometrical shapes on your nail is as easy as making a triangle on a paper. All you need is three spectacular shades of nail paints and geometrical nail stencils. Looking for a guiding approach, check the pic –

Nail Art Designs for Beginners

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3. Decorated nail art in black and pink – If you want a jeweled nail art for the festive season, this design can bring a lot of bling to your nails. Check, how to make it –

Nail Art Designs for Beginners

4. Floral Design Nail Art – Floral nail art is chic and trendy. You can wear this design on your nails in office as well as traditional functions.

Nail Art Designs for Beginners

5. Dots, shades and hues – Go for a simple yet pretty nail art design for a fun outing. This design can be made without much hassle. The video shows how to get such pretty designs crafted fast on your nails –

6. Color burst nail art – Burst of colors make your nails perfect for every occasion. How to make your nails bloom in multiple hues, this video will tell you step by step.

7. Pretty Animal Print – God has painted the best designs on animals. You can get these designs on your nails too. How can you get Zebra prints in sparkling pink and black on your nails – This video has a lot to tell about that…

8. Red flowers on white base – What is the way to craft a pretty design on your nails? Paint your nails in white and make a pretty red flower on it… this step by step picture will give you essential tips –

Nail Art Designs for Beginners

9. Modern nail art with bright and fading colors – If you want a nail art to complement your formal wears, two shades of one color will be a great option. This picture tells you on how to paint your nails in such design.

Nail Art Designs for Beginners

10.   Different designs on your nails – When all the fingers are different in size and shape then why are you painting every nail in same color. Certify the uniqueness of your every finger with different nail art designs.

Nail Art Designs for Beginners

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