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Like most women around the world, you probably have a closet full of shoes. Some are your favourites that you can’t live without while others are probably some you bought on the spur of the moment that looked incredibly good at that moment but you will never really wear. Shoes are not only immensely beautiful and add beauty to your overall attire but also are an extension of ourselves and our style. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that the right pair of shoes can make a bad day instantly better. No matter how many shoes you own there are certain types of shoes your wardrobe is in dire need of. The following could take you a step closer to your idea of a perfect shoe wardrobe

Kitten Heels

1. Kitten Heels

First and foremost, comfort is extremely necessary and therefore, every woman needs a pair of comfortable and reasonable heeled shoes. These are great for interviews, work affairs and a great alternative when you need a comfortable heel that’s not a stiletto. They are also considered as the classic pump so you really can’t go wrong with these in your shoe wardrobe.

Tall boots

2. Tall boots

These are a winter and fall must have. Boots keep your feet warm as well as extremely stylish. They are truly versatile footwear and can be worn with just about everything in your wardrobe or can be tucked in or covered up. Flat boots too are great for everyday wear whereas heeled boots will help elongate your leg and make your evening wear look great.

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Ballet Flats

3. Ballet Flats

Not only are these great for work but also for weekend, traveling, shopping, hanging out and just about anywhere you go to. You can never have too many flats but stick to a few basic colours like black patent, leopard print brown metallic that look gorgeous on any given day.


4. Sneakers

Whether working out or running around, a good pair of sneakers is a must have in every closet. sneakers do the job of providing also support and also prevent injuries while giving you comfort whenever you have to be on your feet for long periods of time.

Nude Pumps

5. Nude Pumps

When in doubt, wear a nude pump, and rightfully so. Totally versatile and stylish, the nude pump is the perfect neutral shoe to wear to any event with any outfit whether skinny jeans, evening dress or traditional.


6. Wedges

They are easier to wear and are great transitional shoes that will stay with you in every season. They give you the height and elongation you want with less stress on your foot than regular high heeled shoes.

Oxfords Shoes

7. Oxfords

Though these are generally considered to be shoes worn by males, the trend is however catching up with females as well. Women have been witnessed to have carried off this style with class. Many celebrities have also been spotted wearing oxfords.

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High Heels

8. High Heels

While going out for a night on the town or ladies night, this would the perfect time to let your feet do the talking. The best thing about wearing high heels is that there are no particular restrictions when it comes to them so you can have as much fun you like. They can make any outfit look classy and sophisticated as they come in different colours and styles. Go with a pointed toe or a peep toe to elongate the line.

Classic pumps

9. Classic pumps

A pair of classic pumps is an enviable possession to have in your shoe wardrobe. They are rightly called as the LBD of the shoe world. What is an advantage for these types of shoes are that they can be paired with various outfits and work with different situations you find yourself in. Could there be any easier way to take your look from day to night? What would be perfect and reasonable is to invest in two pairs, one black because black is everyone’s all time favourite and one nude which lengthens your legs and also makes you feel like a Greek goddess. You can choose rounded or pointy tips and as high or low as you prefer.


10. Sandals

While we’re still at summer, here’s another type of shoe every woman must own…a pair of really comfortable and cute sandals. Flip-flops are perfectly fine for the beach and a few other places but when you’re out and about, a pair of sandals look so much nicer. Put on those sandals for a blissful day ahead.

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