Must-Know Makeup Tricks to Slim Down Your Face Visually

Have you long been looking for the right way to hide your chubby cheeks and dimple chin? It’s all about the tricky application of your makeup, gals! As long as you follow some must-know makeup tricks, slimming down your face visually is the easiest task for you. Here is what you need to learn:

Makeup Tricks to Slim Down Your Face

1. Contour

Contouring should be one of the most important aspects of your makeup.

  • Pick a suitable matte contouring powder (or blush) and a flat brush for this purpose.
  • Start applying it to your cheeks in soft lines and go down slowly by forming an angle. Blend well as you go towards your chin.
  • Apply the contouring powder to both sides of your nose. You should start from the bridge of the nose and go up to the top of your nostrils to make your nose look thinner.
  • Also, apply the contouring powder to your forehead in order to look slimmer by accentuating the bone structure. All you need to do is blend it around your hairline as well as into the temple areas.

2. Bronzer

Right application of bronzer or other similar tanning makeup products can lift a lot of weight off of your face.

  • Choose a matte bronzer and make sure that it is at least 1 or 2 shades darker than your actual skin tone.
  • Create a ‘fish face’ in order to find out the most right places for contouring.
  • Start applying the bronzer diagonally straight from the middle of your cheek and go up to the ear. It will make your cheeks look less chubby.
  • Swipe your brush along your jaw line to apply the bronzer in a thin layer. It will help you hide your double chin by adding definition to your jaw.
  • A relatively darker layer on the lower section of the jaw will give your neck a slim look too.

Makeup Tricks to Slim Down Your Face

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3. Highlighter

A highlighter can make your contoured and bronzed face appear even leaner.

  • Get a luminous highlighter to draw attention to your sharp features. It must be one shade lighter than your natural complexion.
  • Apply it along the upper section of your cheekbones and bring your contour out.
  • Swipe the brush across the bridge of your nose and go down up to the nostrils.
  • Illuminate your Cupid’s bow and the center of your chin by adding a touch of the highlighting powder.
  • You need to apply it to your under eye section and between your eyebrows too.

4. Blush

Be specific with the tone and application of the blush to make your plump face look flattering.

  • A blush with a light brown undertone will help you immensely in looking slimmer than that with a red undertone.
  • Swipe your blush brush lightly underneath your cheekbones and reach the middle of your ears little by little.

5. Eyebrows

The shape of eyebrows is crucial for making a face look elongated.

  • Go for a pair of higher brows with perfectly defined arches in the middle.
  • It should be neither too thick nor too thin.
  • Use a shade that is slightly darker than the actual color of your brow hair to fill them in.

Makeup Tricks to Slim Down Your Face

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6. Eyes

Pop your eyes tactfully so that your face does not look that heavier any more.

  • Hide those ugly dark under eye circles with a good quality concealer. Blend it properly to get an even result.
  • Add a touch of highlighter to both corners of your eyes in order to give your face a nice slimming effect.
  • Choose eye shadow colors that go well with the color of your eyes and skin.

7. Lips

A light shade of lip color is the best choice for complementing a slimming face makeup.

  • Opt for nude colors, such as light shades of pink so that your lips look thinner yet attractive.
  • Stay away from using lip gloss or tinted lip balm as these will only add to the roundness of your face.

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