Must-Follow Summer Beauty Trends for You

So how do you manage to look trendy and beautiful when it is insanely hot outside? Well, ‘less is more’ is completely true for summer beauty and fashion. But it doesn’t mean that you should not try to look chic and classy. In this article, we will let you know about those must-follow summer beauty trends that would help you look absolutely stunning this season.

Before digging into the latest summer beauty trends for different parts of the face separately, let us have a glimpse of the ‘flawless natural look’ that is always in vogue, be it scorching summer days or chilly winter evenings.

Must-Follow Summer Beauty Trends for You

‘Natural’ is All Trendy in Summer

A perfect natural look is simply unbeatable, when it comes to the beauty trends of summer. Just set aside all those vibrant shades and funky styles and look immensely beautiful in the following four simple steps:

  1. Get radiant with your regular CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturizing) and twice-a-week exfoliating regime. It will keep your face clean and soft from inside, thereby giving you a healthy natural glow. So, all you will need is a tinted moisturizer (dry skin) or a tinted mousse (oily skin) for makeup.
  2. Soft dreamy eyes are the key to a natural summer look. Keep it simple by choosing a nude eye shadow for both of your lids. To add definition to your eyes, apply kohl and water-proof mascara generously.
  3. Warm tones are the best in blush to achieve a dewy look. If you are fair enough, opt for rose pink or baby peach, while dusky beauties should stick to plum, mauve or burgundy.
  4. The same color formula should be maintained for getting a pair of natural-looking rosy lips. However it should be a matte one as you don’t want ‘abnormal’ shine.

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Now, here are the latest beauty trends that you must follow for your face, eyes and lips this summer:

Summer Face Trends

  • Keep your skin all time fresh and breathable by applying a BB cream with sufficient SPF. The nude coverage of the product gives an unblemished creamy complexion with an absolute ‘no makeup’ look.
  • Add a few drops of facial serum to your favorite foundation and apply thoroughly. It yields a brilliant silky effect even in those ‘sweaty’ days.

Must-Follow Summer Beauty Trends for You

Summer Eye Trends

  • Help your eyes pop by picking dazzling liquid liners. Blue or black winged eyes are ideal for rocking any daytime event in summer, while evenings are the time to color your eyelids with bright, beautiful shadows.
  • Strong eyebrows are ideal to get a youthful look anytime. So, women in their late 20’s should fill in their brows with a suitable pencil, while wearing a complementary nude eye shadow during those tiring hot days.

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Summer Lip Trends

  • ‘Bold’ and ‘luscious’ are absolutely in colors for lips this season, until you want to keep them soft and natural. So, experiment with lots of fun shades like strawberry pink, cranberry pink, intense coral, bright crimson, pale peach, citrusy orange, and so on.
  • Skip glosses as shine is actually not for summer. Rather, saturate your lips with that extra dose of hydration by applying buttery lip creams or tinted lip balms.

So, just follow these trends and get gorgeous!

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