Multiple Skin Issues? – Fix Them All At a Time

We all want to get a flawless skin. But there are myriad issues that get in our way. Sometimes we have to sacrifice one in order to get another treated effectively. Well, don’t worry. We have some easier solutions for you. Let us talk about a few simple ways that will help us fix multiple skin issues and that too at the same time. Here we go:

Multiple Skin Issues? – Fix Them All At a Time

1. Dryness and Oiliness

Sometimes excessive dryness triggers the sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum, which increases the oiliness too. In such cases, cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser (skip harsh soaps as they will cause further dehydration) and lather a good amount of moisturizer, especially on the dry parts of the skin. It will address the issue of dryness, which will eventually reduce the oiliness. If it doesn’t help, try to find out the actual reason lying behind the dryness like acne, seborrhea, etc. and treat them accordingly.

2. Dullness and Sensitivity

Dullness is basically caused due to the accumulation of dead cells on the surface layer of the skin. If your skin is sensitive, your task will be to eliminate them without turning the skin red or flaky. If you use chemical exfoliant, make sure that you dilute the peel a bit by using a wet cotton pad for application. A layer of hyaluronic acid on your skin prior to applying the exfoliant will also help you keep it hydrated. In case of manual exfoliation, try to make use of a cleansing brush that comes with a delicate head. Also, never ever exfoliate the skin more than thrice a week.

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3. Oiliness and Sensitivity

If you are experiencing greasiness in a sensitive skin, it is better to switch to organic products or skincare items that are rich in natural ingredients. You can replace your alcohol-based toner and benzoyl peroxide-based cleanser with witch hazel and tea tree oil respectively. Always apply an oil-free moisturizer that has good SPF (sun protection factor). Keep blotting papers handy to get rid of excess oil gently. A retinoid cream will also help you control the oiliness of your sensitive skin.

4. Rosacea and Sensitivity

A dermatologist will be the best person to advise you about the medications to be used for sensitivity. But you must choose cleansers and moisturizers that are extremely gentle to your skin in order to keep rosacea under control. Chemical sunscreens can make the condition worse by absorbing sunlight. So, go for sunblocks that obstruct UV rays through its titanium dioxide or zinc oxide content. It is also recommended that you pick mineral foundation makeup to deal with both of the issues simultaneously.

Multiple Skin Issues? – Fix Them All At a Time

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5. Rosacea and Fine Lines

Keep a close eye on your diet to fight against these two issues at a time. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, red wine, all sorts of spicy and processed foods and too much consumption of salt and sugar. Rather, embrace omega fatty acid supplements, peel-off facial masks containing natural extracts, and so on. Laser treatment will also help you improve the tone and texture of your skin by shrinking enlarged capillaries as well as stimulating collagen production.

6. Acne and Dryness

Visit a professional to identify the root cause or acne and treat them efficiently without overdrying. When it comes to combating both acne and dryness concurrently, it is important to apply more and more moisturizer. But make sure that none of your skincare products contains benzoyl peroxide, petroleum, mineral oil or excessive acid. Or else, your skin will end up losing moisture to a great extent.

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