Monsoon Hair Care Tips – Say ‘NO’ to Hair Loss

Say ‘monsoon’ and the first thing that comes to the mind of most of the beauties is ‘hair loss’. The cooling showers, the breezy wind and the absolutely romantic weather, nothing can stop them from getting over the fact that they are losing clumps of hair! So, what are the ways to fight against the humidity that takes a toll on your hair during monsoon? Find your answer below:

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Maintain Clean Hair: Love to get wet in the rain? But your hair does not love it! Yes, there are lots of impurities as well as chemical compounds in rain water which damage our hair to a large extent. Hence, make sure that you keep your hair clean by washing it with a mild yet deep-cleansing shampoo every alternate day or as and when required. This way, your scalp will remain less infected and your hair fall will be under control.

Use a Light-Weight Hair Oil: Sounds strange? But oiling is essential to tame those frizzy locks in monsoon. Pick a light and non-sticky hair nourishing oil and give your hair a relaxing massage with it. It is also recommended that you go for a hot oil massage at least once a week so that your dry and rough hair becomes soft, smooth and manageable. If your hair remains coarse and brittle, you will experience much more hair fall.


Comb after Drying: Never ever think that combing your wet hair can let the strands loose and make them dry faster. Rather, it can make your hair weaker and even result into more frequent hair fall. So, always dry your hair first and then use a wide-toothed comb for keeping it at place. It will reduce your hair fall greatly.

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Apply an Aloe Hair Mask: Treat your scalp and hair with an aloe vera mask to prevent hair loss in monsoon. The natural healing and repairing properties of the herb help in lowering bacterial infections as well as itching in the scalp, providing nourishment to each of the hair strands, and making the hair roots stronger to avert further fall.

Aloe vera gel

Avoid Hair Styling: Those who love to experiment with their hair styles might find monsoon a bit harsh. It does not allow them to use different hair styling products like hair gel, hair serum, etc. as they make the tresses even more flat and greasy. It is better to stick to simple and sweet ponytails, buns, or braids that can keep your hair healthy and give you a gorgeous look in chorus.

Eat Healthy: Maintaining a healthy eating habit is also very important for putting a stop to the hair fall in monsoon. Stay hydrated by consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day. You can replace your water intake with fresh fruit juices, but stay away from tea or coffee in order to keep your hair healthy. You should also steer clear from junk or processed foods to keep yourself healthy internally.

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These tips will certainly help your hair get through that frequent rainfall of monsoon. So, are you ready to welcome the season?

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