Methode Trapeze – How It is Used for Treating Women’s Hair Loss?

When it comes to the biggest beauty concern, most women are found to be extremely worried about severe hair fall. Be it unusual thinning of hair or formation of balding areas on the scalp, losing hair is always a nightmare for women. According to a recent study, almost 10 to 20 million women around the world, aged 40 years or less, suffer from acute hair loss issue. However, the most disturbing fact about this study is that more than 90 percent of these women are diagnosed with ‘permanent’ hair loss.

Methode Trapeze

Methode Trapeze – A Potential Hair Restoration Treatment for Women

There are lots of ‘hair loss solutions’ available in the market for women and all of them claim to be the best. But the truth is that the reasons lying behind permanent hair loss can be varied and most of the so-called hair loss treatments fail to address those root causes. In such a situation, ‘Methode Trapeze’ can turn out to be the ‘life saver’. It is a potential hair restoration procedure in which ‘bridges’ are formed in the spaces that did not contain hair strands ever. With this method, you can get real hair in an all natural way and boost your self-esteem significantly.

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Methode Trapeze – Features and Working Procedure

As said before, Mehode Trapeze is a natural hair restoration method that fills up the empty spaces on the scalp spotted in between the thinning hair. It makes use of micro-fibers for this purpose. Basically, the procedure involves the insertion of new hair made of micro-fibers in the gaps developed on the scalp. Two most important factors that are considered for carrying out Methode Trapeze successfully are the density as well as the flow of the natural hair of the patient. As a result, the new hair fibers are added in perfect density and at exactly the right places.

Methode Trapeze

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Benefits of Methode Trapeze

The Methode Trapeze comes with a number of advantages which, women with acute hair loss problem, can truly enjoy a lot. Here, we have compiled a list of benefits offered by the procedure:

  • It can be started even before the hair starts thinning so that you do not have to face any kind of mental or emotional issues caused by hair loss.
  • It holds natural human hair strands in a perfectly secure manner. Hence, you can stay 100% assured about the longevity of your new hair.
  • The new hair fibers are added in right amount at right spots , which makes sure that the patient gets a complete natural look.
  • The new hair strands attached to the scalp are absolutely permanent and can be treated just like natural hair fibers.
  • From shampooing to styling to sleeping in your newly added hair, you can do anything and everything you wish to do.
  • The process of maintenance is extremely easy as you only need to visit the professional every 6 weeks in order to go through a touchup or simple readjustments.
  • Being a non-surgical procedure, it does not involve pain or downtime.
  • It is much cheaper than many other hair loss treatments or hair restoration procedures available in the market.

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