Menopause and Body Odor, Are They Related?

Menopause is an unavoidable period in a women’s life. Menopause is a normal change in women’s life. It means the end of a woman’s fertility. After this estrogen and progesterone levels decline and the ovaries stop the egg production.

Menopause and Body Odor

The phase itself is a difficult one but what adds to its miseries are the symptoms that follows it. The symptoms of menopause include both physical and emotional. One of the most important symptoms is body odor. Perspiration causes body odor and both go hand in hand with menopause. Hot flashes and night sweats in particular have a strong effect.

Body odor:

As per the studies, hormonal changes that are associated with the menopause can affect the hypothalamus, which happens to be the part of the brain that regulates your body temperature. Once the estrogen level goes down it disturbs the body’s thermostat and thus increases the internal temperature which results in excessive sweating. When the sweat especially from the apocrine glands reaches the surface of the skin, it is broken down by bacteria. It is the byproduct of these bacteria that causes foul smell in the skin. Apocrine gland is present near the hair follicles on the scalp, groin area, under arm where the sweat contains fatty compounds.

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Causes of the body odor:

1. Hormonal causes: Hormone fluctuations are primary cause for the changes in body odor. The important reason is the estrogen. , which helps in regulating the hypothalamus, that is the part of the brain that controls body temperature. When there is a decrease in the estrogen level, which is common during menopause, the body sends a false signal to the hypothalamus saying that the body is overheated. As a result the hypothalamus gets into action and causes sweat production and change in body odor is the result.

2. Diseases: There are certain diseases that may cause body odor. Diabetes, kidney and liver issues etc. can cause body odor. When kidney and liver is not in a good working condition, then the toxins build up in the blood and it will result in body odor. The cancers like lymphoma and leukemia also produces body odor.

3. Other causes: Other than the hormonal cause, the reason can be stress, diet, certain diseases, hereditary etc. The clothes that you wear can also cause body odor. Synthetic fabrics like polyester or other non-breathable materials will also collect sweat and result in increased body odors.

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There are several treatments for body odor due to menopause let us look into some of those.

1. Lifestyle changes: The best solution is to start from the basics, which is-to bring about a change in the lifestyle. Incorporating lifestyle changes will help you in fighting the body odor.

2. Diet: To avoid body odor due to menopause, avoid eating red meat in large quantity. Diet rich in sugar and saturated fats should also be avoided as they contribute towards body odor due to menopause.

3. Fabrics: Start out by wearing cotton or natural fabrics. If stress or poor nutrition is causing the body odor then incorporate healthy as well as balanced diet which will in particular contain magnesium and zinc. Wheat grass, for instance is a natural deodorant as it is high in chlorophyll content. 

4. Meditation: With the practice of meditation and yoga you will be able to reduce the stress.

5. Hygiene: Hygiene is a very important factor to combat body odor. Daily bath with warm water and soap is very important habit that needs to be practiced. After bath you have to dry yourself completely with a towel. Use deodorants and antiperspirants as per requirement throughout the day. Wear loose clothes with fabrics like cotton and linen.

To control the fluctuating levels of estrogen that ends up in excessive sweat production, you can rely on natural and alternative medicines. With the combination of alternative medicines and lifestyle changes you can positively fight against the body odor.

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