Maybelline HYPER GLOSSY Liquid Liner- Got You On My Eyes!!

Eyeliner is without doubt every girl’s favorite beauty product; I am absolutely addicted to it like everyone else. Somehow in recent times, I was quite bored of the same matte eyeliner I had been using and I wanted to try out something different. It was at this time that I met one of my friends whose eyeliner caught my attention! It looked so superb with a glossy effect and so perfectly lined, that it almost felt like a sticker!! It’s from her that I got to know about this liner from Maybelline, which is a glossy eyeliner-Maybelline Hyper glossy liquid liner. Although it was launched long back somehow I feel it has not received the applause that it is truly worth off!

Maybelline HYPER GLOSSY Liquid Liner

Availability: I ordered Maybelline hyper glossy liquid liner from an online store, it is easily available in all Maybelline counters as well as beauty stores.

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Price: INR 245/- FOR 3 grams.

Maybelline’s Hyper Glossy Liquid liner is a refreshing change for all girls who are bored with the regular matte liners! It is basically glossy eyeliner however the glossiness is definitely not over the top, it has subtle glossy effect that will instantly add that youthfulness to your eyes.

Maybelline says- it has a 24hr smudge proof formula that gives an intense black color finish with high definition.

Maybelline HYPER GLOSSY Liquid Liner

Packaging: It comes in a very cute packaging which is convenient to use and travel friendly. It has a black cover with a long applicator top. This makes it very easy to hold and gives a good grip too. The applicator brush is super thin and fine, this makes it easy to draw a perfect thin line. The consistency of the liner is super smooth and it is highly pigmented too. Maybelline has not disappointed us with this product for sure!

My take on Maybelline hyper glossy liquid liner:

The glossy texture is for sure the highlight of this eyeliner. I have been a fan of matte eyeliners for the longest time, and for some reason I never felt like trying out a glossy liner as I felt it would just look OTT. This eyeliner has definitely changed my views on that although I still am a loyalist of matte eyeliners. I would definitely wear this hyper glossy eyeliner when I need to pep my eyes a bit. This eyeliner has that effect of attracting the attention of the onlookers in a positive way without going overboard. It is easy to use, thanks to the long applicator and smooth and thin brush. It is jet black and glides on like magic! It is perfect to make winged eyeliner or a super thin line quite easily. You can achieve any look with this hyper glossy eyeliner very easily.

Maybelline HYPER GLOSSY Liquid Liner

Staying power: The staying power of Maybelline hyper glossy liquid liner is quite good. I have used this eyeliner the whole day, for good 6 to 8 hours and I must say it dint budge. No smudging and it looked just as it was looking when I lined it. It is easy to remove too; it comes off easily without bleeding or messing up. So overall Maybelline HYPERGLOSSY liquid liner is budget friendly eyeliner and is completely worth the money you invest.


  • Intense black finish
  • Subtle glossy effect
  • Super fine brush, easy to use
  • Great drying power
  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to remove


Nothing in terms of the quality of the product but I wish they gave more quantity as 3 grams is very less and will not last long especially if you use it on a daily basis.

Maybelline HYPER GLOSSY Liquid Liner

My rating: 4.5/5 for sure!! No complaints with this one, the minus points are only for its less quantity.

Will I purchase it again?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Maybelline hyper glossy liquid liner is definitely budget friendly glossy black eyeliner and I would definitely purchase it again.

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