Mantra Yoga – About, How to Practice and Advantages

You might have already heard about mantra yoga and its benefits. But do you really have any idea about how to practice mantras for enhancing our complete well-being and how do they actually work? If not, then dig into this article and find out all useful information about mantra yoga.

Mantra Yoga

About Mantra Yoga

Mantra yoga is nothing but the ‘mysterious science of sound or vibrations’. This sophisticated branch of ‘Tantra’ revolves around the proper as well as practical understanding of our entire world including its actual structure and wonderful evolution. It also helps us find out the course of evolution from internal to external as well as vice versa. As a result of this practice, we gradually approach to the highest level within ourselves, which is actually profound silence.

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How to Practice Mantra Yoga?

Practicing mantra yoga means performing poses and postures in the most traditional way. Mantras or ‘sacred words’ are considered to be the central aspect of our ancient yoga practice and it is important to use them in a proper manner, if you really want to make the most of your practices. Here are a few tips regarding how to practice mantra yoga efficiently:

  • When it comes to chanting mantras, two apparently opposite practices are known to be helpful. You can start with a subtle practicing method and evolve into the gross one naturally as you go ahead.
  • Two forms of mantra practices are basically two edges of a scale. You need to practice them in such a manner that both become useful at different stages of your life. You can also compare them and understand their values easily.
  • Mantra yoga is based on certain universal seed mantras or ‘seed orbija vibrations’, which are basically primary sound vibrations, such as ‘Om’, ‘So-aham’, ‘Ahhh’, and so on. While uttering these sounds, you need to keep your inhalation as well as exhalation under control.
  • Apart from these basic sound vibrations, there are quite a few longer mantras that can be practiced during yoga. These may be religion-based, intended for particular benefits, or simply positive affirmations.
  • There are also some mantras, which themselves are considered as short yet compact prayers. You can simply choose a specific phrase or term from a comparatively longer prayer and practice it accordingly.

Mantra Yoga

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Advantages of Practicing Mantra Yoga

The biggest benefit of practicing mantra yoga is that our autonomic nervous system gets relieved and our mind becomes calm thereby increasing our focus. Here are all those advantages that we can enjoy by practicing mantra yoga efficiently:

1. Balances the activities of our endocrine system, which lowers depression, stress, and anxiety, thereby making our moods more stable.

2. Enhances our overall well-being so that we can achieve optimal health.

3. Makes us lesser prone to vulnerable diseases by strengthening the immune system.

4. Improves concentration and sharpens memory.

5. Refine the nervous system so that we can get rid of all sorts of killer habits.

6. Makes us free from psychosomatic disorders.

7. Induces self-realization, self-confidence and self-consciousness.

8. Soothes our mind and helps us understand the value of spirituality.

9. Strengthens us internally and provides actual peace.

10. Empowers us in such a way that we can always live our best life.

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