Makeup Tips For Girls with Spectacles

“Glasses are the new nails” you can hear people exclaiming, and why not? With so much variety of this accessory who wouldn’t want to carry it off, and with ease? But but but, girls, we know! If your makeup is hiding behind some pair of thick, glaring frames, trust us, we know how it feels! While it’s no secret that a girl who dons these is loved and admired by all, getting your features to unravel themselves from behind can be tricky. However, you can now relax and give your overall look a little more oomph by following our tips as to how to go on about applying makeup and still stand out:

Makeup Tips For Girls with Spectacles

 1. Stay Neutral

While wearing glasses, one is actually extremely fortunate because there is a chance to stay pretty with neutral eye makeup. This might be possible as the bright colours might not be seen behind those fashionable eyeglasses and instead give you a little space to bring out those eyes beautifully and in a subtle manner.

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2. Focus on your lashes

Now, playing up your eyelash line is extremely vital because there’s no denying that people notice it first. What should be done is one must curl their lashes before applying any mascara for that extra effect. This would be ideal in waterproof formula. Since many people who wear glasses tend to get warm because glasses will trap some of the body heat that usually escapes, hence waterproof formulas.

3. Use tinted moisturisers to hide marks.

Are you also annoyed by those red marks that are left behind by your glasses on your nose? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. There are remedies for this, that include applying a beauty balm, and when you do, focus on certain spots like the area around your nose. So whenever you take your glasses off during the night for whatever reasons, you won’t have those little red marks that glasses that tend to remain. There are creams and foundations that help one get rid of any uneven redness, polish your skin and make your eyes stand out a little more.

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4. Be bold with your glasses.

We urge you, women,  to be bold with your glasses, rather than your eye makeup. Whenever you’re wearing glasses, it is assumed that you have a lot going on, so hence try keeping your eye makeup very simple. Stay away from all the strong colours if you can.

Makeup Tips For Girls with Spectacles

5.  Find the right fit

Probably the biggest complaints that girls wearing glasses is that their frames leave marks on their noses. Unfortunately, not everybody has a solution to this dilemma that most of us have been in but we’ve got some advice! Always, always find glasses that fit your face. There also are different options to choose from, like frames with nose pads may be your best bet. Don’t forget to never let your glasses rest on your cheeks.

6. Apply concealer

This wouldn’t be the right time to skip concealer. Now you might believe that glasses hide your dark eye circles, but truth being, lenses actually magnify these circles and they even make them more obvious. This is when you can consider getting an under eye brightening concealer. Begin with tapping it on underneath with a small dusting of setting powder right on top, then prepare it to look a little brighter and probably perkier, so this way you’re not just using your glasses as a shield.

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